NABERS Accredited Assessor training

  • About the training

    Formal NABERS ratings can only be conducted by NABERS Accredited Assessors. The accreditation process includes completing the introductory online course NABERS Essentials, the two day face-to-face Accreditation Course, a written exam and two supervised ratings.

    Ideal candidates for NABERS Accreditation will have formal qualifications, or be skilled in the management and operation of buildings such as commercial offices, hotels or shopping centres. If you have experience in energy efficiency or water efficiency projects, waste management or monitoring of indoor environment quality in buildings, you may also be suited.

    Candidates who attend training and pass the theory and practical examination requirements will be accredited to perform NABERS ratings for offices and hotels. Trainee and Accredited Assessors can apply separately for NABERS Shopping Centre and Data Centre Accreditation by successfully completing additional training.

    If you have further questions about the NABERS Accredited Assessor Course or accreditation process, go to FAQs, and search under General Advice > Training or Assessor Exams and Accreditation.


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  • The course will cover:


    • What NABERS accreditation means to you and what you need to know, including becoming an assessor, contracts, insurances, procedures, the Code of Conduct and the role of an assessor.
    • Knowing the rules - Rules for Collecting Data and Validation Protocols - and how to apply them, understanding the rating spreadsheet and collecting the data.
    • Performing NABERS Rating Applications - you will have an opportunity to perform NABERS rating applications, from analysing the data required, making calculations, and performing the final rating online.
    • Details about the NABERS Theory Exam and Supervised Ratings Assessment.

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  • Course fee

    The cost to attend the NABERS Assessor Course is $3080 (incl GST). This fee includes the cost of your Supervised Rating assessment. Payment is by VISA or MasterCard only.

    Once you have registered, a tax receipt will be available in NABERS Learn under ‘View Profile’ in your profile page.


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  • Registration

    Go to the Training Calendar to view dates and locations and register for a session through the NABERS online training portal NABERS Learn. The two-day Accreditation Course will run from 9am to 5pm each day. Course materials, lunch and refreshments are provided.


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  • Accredited Assessor training prerequisites

    1. The NABERS Essentials course

    This is a compulsory pre-requisite for those seeking NABERS accreditation. Trainees may not attend the Accredited Assessor course until they have completed the NABERS Essentials online.

    Note that NABERS Essentials was previously delivered as a face to face seminar ‘An Introduction to NABERS. Individuals who had completed this course within two years of registering for an Assessor course do not also need to complete NABERS Essentials prior to registering for the Assessor course.

    2. Expertise or qualifications in commercial building management or operation.

    Ideal candidates for the NABERS Assessor Accreditation Course will have formal qualifications, or be skilled in the management and operation of buildings such as commercial offices, hotels or shopping centres. If you have experience in energy efficiency or water efficiency projects, waste management or monitoring of indoor environment quality in buildings, you may also be suited. Extensive hands-on experience and technical ability is highly desirable.

    The NABERS scheme relates to existing buildings and applicants should be comfortable with analysing these buildings and auditing information such as energy and water consumption, size, occupancy levels and hours of operation. Every assessment includes at least one site visit to confirm data.

    You will need to have the confidence and ability to inspect building plant and to interpret engineering documents including drawings and plant specifications. You must also understand your responsibilities under the OH&S Act within the state you are operating in. Many existing assessors are engineers, architects and facility managers.

    NABERS uses dedicated software NABERS Rate to input rating data and calculate rating results. Candidates must ensure they have adequate hardware and operating system to run the program.


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  • System Requirements for NABERS Rate

    Operating systems: NABERS Rate is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 operating systems, with a compatible version of Microsoft .NET Framework (4 or 4.5). NABERS Rate will not work on Mac OS. Users of this OS might wish to consider partitioning their machine so that a compatible version of Windows can be installed in its secondary partition. Please seek help from your company’s IT support or Mac servicing provider to help you with this partitioning.

    NABERS is unable to guarantee the performance of the NABERS Rate software running on operating systems that vary from the above.

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  • Course assessment

    You will be required to attend the training, pass the Theory exam and enter into a contract to qualify as a Trainee Accredited Assessor. As a Trainee Accredited Assessor you can then undertake the required two supervised ratings. You must pass at least one of the two supervised ratings to qualify as an Accredited Assessor.

    NABERS Theory Examination

    Trainees will be tested and must prove their ability to perform rating applications. The assessment will consist of a multiple choice quiz during the training course (trainees should allow for 2 hours to study materials on the completion of day one), and a take home examination to be completed within four weeks of the training. Trainees should set aside 2-4 days after the training to complete the exam.

    Practical Training - the Supervised Rating

    Training and assessment does not end with the examination. As a Trainee Assessor, your first two rating applications must be mentored by a NABERS Supervisor. Your rating applications will be graded, and you must pass one of your two Supervised Ratings to qualify as an Accredited Assessor. The cost of this mentoring is included in the training fee. If the National Administrator decides that you need to complete further supervision, this will be at your own cost.


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  • Cancellation policy

    A full refund will be paid on cancellations made 10 working days before the Assessor Course training date when made in writing to the NABERS Training Administration Officer. Cancellations made less than 10 working days before the seminar will not be accepted and will be charged the full fee. Registrants may elect to send a replacement in their place.

    Trainees who miss a session due to illness can transfer to another session upon provision of a medical certificate (pending availability). Transfer request for reasons other than illness must be made in writing at least 5 working days before the original course date - refunds will only be paid on the provision of a medical certificate.

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