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COVID-19 and NABERS Ratings

Managing impacts of COVID-19 on NABERS Ratings


In March 2020, the NABERS National Administrator (NABERS) published the document ‘Managing impacts of COVID-19 on NABERS Ratings’. This document answers questions, provides clarifications and presents time-bound rulings in response to COVID-19-related issues that may be encountered when conducting a NABERS Ratings. Since publication, this document has been updated periodically as the situation has evolved.  

NABERS will continue to monitor the changing circumstances brought on by the spread of COVID-19 and will continue to make changes as is required. When changes are made NABERS will keep historical versions of the Ruling on this website. 

If you have any questions, contact NABERS at nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au 

Current Version of Ruling 

The latest version of the document is Version 4.1. Changes made to the document in this version include the following: 

  • Extended validity of all Rulings in the document to 28th March 2021. This was done to align with the CBD's ruling validity. 
  • Defined the terms 'Ruling Expiry Date' and 'COVID-19 Affected Period'. 
  • Clarified the requirements for when alternatives methods for a site visit can be used. 
  • Clarified that Method 1 (Use of a prior site visit) cannot be used for two consecutive NABERS ratings for the same premises. 
  • Clarified which Sections require prior written approval from the National Administrator and which Sections do not. 

Future of COVID-19 Rulings Joint Consultation 

To better understand how we can continue support stakeholders, the CBD Program and NABERS have released the Joint Consultation Paper: Future of COVID-19 Rulings.   

This Paper seeks feedback from stakeholders on a series of questions covering topics including:  

  • Extension of existing COVID-19 rulings  
  • Future changes to the COVID-19 rulings  
  • How and when the COVID-19 rulings should be phased out  
  • Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on NABERS ratings  
  • Post-COVID-19 industry trends  

The Paper can be downloaded here: Future of COVID-19 Rulings – Joint Consultation paper

Please submit any feedback by close of business by Friday 5 March 2021. You can submit your feedback in two ways:  

  1. Written responses can be sent to NABERS at nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au  

  1. Anonymous responses can be sent through the CBD website ‘Contact Us’ page here.   

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