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NABERS Sector Expansion

NABERS is committed to reducing carbon emissions in the built environment, minimising water usage and minimising landfill waste to create a sustainable world, where buildings positively contribute to our world.

To date NABERS has enjoyed great success as a world-recognised and robust rating tool for offices, shopping centres, hotels and other building sectors. Since 2010 our ratings have helped save 6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and 1.2 billion litres of water.

We're working hard to bring Australia’s leading building performance rating tool to more building sectors. 

Sector expansion 

We are delighted to announce our expansion to three new building sectors as part of our commitment towards meeting the Australian government's 2050 net zero emissions targets. Following extensive industry consultation, we have prioritised developing NABERS ratings for the following sectors:

Next steps

Over the next few months, NABERS will work on the following workstreams: 

 Data collection
Collect information for technical benchmarking through online  and offline streams.  

Sector engagement
 Work with key stakeholders in these three sectors through different 
 formats such as targeted interviews and working groups.

We are aiming to pilot a NABERS rating product for one of these new sectors in June 2021, followed by the other two sectors in succession.

What about other sectors?

NABERS aims to eventually expand to service all major building types, as part of our strategic plan. To do this we will continue to engage new sectors in the built environment, such as retail tenants and supermarkets. We are aiming to announce the next set of sectors in 2021.

Work with us

Industry stakeholder collaboration is key to building a sustainable future. We therefore invite you to work with us to build a rating tool that adds value to your organisation. 

Contact us

To get involved or to find out more, please contact us at nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au (subject: NABERS%20Sector%20Expansion)