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NABERS Strategic Plan 2019-2023 – open for consultation

We’ve just released our draft Strategic Plan (PDF, 158KB) and welcome your feedback. 

Our Strategic Plan sets out a new vision for NABERS to scale up its role in driving sustainable change to a larger part of the Australian economy going forward.

There has never been a more important time than now to demonstrate our leadership in the sectors we work in and forge an ambitious path ahead for our program.

Over the past year, the NABERS Steering Committee has been consulted in depth during the development of the plan and a separate working group was formed to work through specific elements of the project. During this time we have also sought input from NABERS Assessors, partners and customers as part of the engagement process.

The Strategic Plan has now been developed and we are seeking wider feedback via an online survey which closes Thursday 28 February

Following this, NABERS will collate stakeholder feedback, finalise the Strategic Plan and seek approval from the Steering Committee at its next meeting in Q2 2019. 

Give your feedback now

To help shape NABERS future direction:

1.    Read our Strategic Plan (PDF, 158KB)

2.    Take our survey