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How it works - rating and certification

NABERS can be used to rate a variety of different buildings. Discover what buildings and spaces can be rated on the Spaces we Rate page.

What impact areas can be rated?

We use different rating tools so that you can understand how your building is performing in the following areas:

  • Energy (without Greenpower)

  • Energy (with Greenpower)

  • Carbon Neutral

  • Waste

  • Water

  • Indoor Environment

About the NABERS Star Rating

NABERS compares the performance of your building or tenancy to benchmarks that represent the performance of other similar buildings in the same location. We use 12 months of real, measurable information about a building or tenancy, such as energy and water bills or waste consumption data as the basis of our rating.

To ensure your real-life performance data is comparable with other buildings, it’s sometimes necessary to make adjustments that account for the specific location and use of your building.

The rating also takes into consideration: 

  • The climate where the building or workspace operates
  • The building’s operational characteristics (such as opening hours in shopping centres)
  • The level of services provided (such as heated swimming pool areas in hotels)
  • The energy sources it uses
  • Its size and occupancy

The adjusted data is then compared to the NABERS benchmark data and a star rating reflecting your performance relative to your peers is calculated.

How a rating can help you

A NABERS star rating can help you to understand how your building is performing. If areas for improvement are identified, you can set meaningful targets to make your building or tenancy more efficient.

NABERS ratings are valid for twelve months. This annual model helps ensure that your rating represents your building or workplace’s current operational performance.

The rating process broken down

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use the Assessor Register to search for and commission a NABERS Accredited Assessor to do your rating.
    Make sure to source more than one quote to ensure you’re receiving a competitive price.
  2. Once engaged, your Assessor works with you to compile data, visit your premises and calculate your building’s rating.
  3. Your Assessor then submits your rating application to the Technical Team at NABERS HQ.
  4. Our NABERS Tech staff review, verify and certify your rating. Usually, it takes 6 working days to certify a submitted rating.
  5. We then issue you with your new electronic rating certificate, valid for 12 months which you can promote in through your own marketing efforts.

The process of certifying a rating may take longer if a rating application is found to not comply and follow up with the Accredited Assessor is required. Please see our Compliance and Quality Assurance page for more information.

Important things to remember when rating

  • The best way to ensure an Accredited Assessor can complete the rating quickly is to keep good records and have all the appropriate data on hand
  • Costs will vary from one Assessor to another, and will depend on the type of rating you are undertaking, the size of your building, and the difficulty of gathering the appropriate data
  • As a general rule, completing more than one rating at a building or workplace, such as a rating for Energy and for Water, will save you money
  • If you wish to promote, report or publicly disclose your rating, it must be a certified rating
Rating information