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Case Studies

Case Study: Energy efficiency tips from the experts

15 July 2021

A powerhouse of professionals, known as NABERS Accredited Assessors, have worked tirelessly over the last two decades to help measure and manage the performance of buildings. We checked in with three of them to find out their top tips for energy efficient offices.

Case study: The secret to sustainability success

15 December 2020

New buildings can reach the highest level of sustainability even before construction starts. Find out how NABERS Commitment Agreements make energy efficiency the key driver of design.

Case study: NABERS high achievers clear the air

11 November 2020

“How healthy is our building?” Read about the benefits of a high quality indoor environment from the biggest portfolio of 6-star NABERS IE ratings in the country, ISPT.

Case study: Leveraging NABERS for climate neutrality

21 October 2020

Frasers Property Australia has leveraged its NABERS ratings to secure carbon neutral certification for a portfolio of commercial buildings at Rhodes Corporate Park – and Sustainability Manager Marine Calmettes says achieving the ratings was “simply a no brainer”.

Case study: How NABERS provides easy access to Energy Saving Certificates

24 September 2020

Dexus has leveraged its NABERS Energy ratings on more than 30 properties in New South Wales to claim $2.4 million in Energy Saving Certificates.

Case study: Winning the war against waste

NABERS Waste 77 Grenfell Street
1 September 2020

For a very visible problem, waste has been a hidden challenge.

Case study: Smart, sustainable apartments in the spotlight

NABERS for Apartments ratings
27 August 2020

Apartment owners can slash their energy and water costs by around 30% by peeling back the layers of their building’s performance with a NABERS rating. Find out how apartment owners are cutting costs and carbon, and attracting buyers in a crowded market.