• Public release of NABERS algorithms

    The NABERS program works closely with its stakeholders to ensure that the NABERS tools are technically robust and meet the needs of the commercial operating environment. In November 2013, the NABERS National Administrator expanded on this collaboration by publicly releasing the algorithms and equations that are used to calculate ratings for each of the NABERS tools.

    The release of the algorithms will allow the NABERS National Administrator to collect technical feedback from industry experts on how the NABERS rating tools may be improved. NABERS hopes that industry will be engaged and active in reviewing the algorithms and giving their feedback.

    The property industry wants to better understand how NABERS works and how their buildings are being rated. This interest is a reflection of how important environmental performance ratings - and sustainability more broadly - have become in the marketplace. The release of the algorithms is in keeping with market trends and will increase the overall transparency of the NABERS program, which is a key objective in the NABERS Strategic Plan 2013-2018.

    A number of businesses are already using the NABERS algorithms in their commercial products under NABERS Equipped license agreements. This fee-based license allows NABERS Equipped licence holders to use and market the use of the NABERS ratings calculator in their systems and products. To protect the investment of these businesses, the NABERS algorithms are being publicly released under a non-commercial use license agreement.

    How can I obtain a copy of the NABERS Algorithms?

    Interested stakeholders are invited to enter into a non-commercial use license agreement and be provided with the algorithms for the purposes of research, review and giving technical feedback. Note that the agreement needs to be signed by a Company Director or a person with the power of attorney to sign a document on behalf of the Company. A copy of the non-commercial use licence agreement can be downloaded here. Further information on this licence is available here.

    Interested in using the NABERS Algorithms for commercial purposes?

    If you would like to use the NABERS algorithms in a commercial product, please see our page on the NABERS Equipped license. For further enquiries, please contact the NABERS team using the contact tab in the top menu.

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