On 10 June 2013 the NABERS Energy for offices program crossed the Tasman and NABERS New Zealand (NABERSNZ) was launched.

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  • Partnership with EECA

    NABERSNZ was made possible through a partnership between the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and the New Zealand Government’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

    EECA identified that commercial buildings account for around 9% of total energy use and 21% of electricity use in New Zealand. Electricity use in buildings costs New Zealand businesses around $1.25 billion every year. About $280 million of this could be saved, cost-effectively, through energy efficiency measures. NABERSNZ will be central to empowering the NZ property sector to take action to improve the performance of their buildings against their market peers.

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  • Adapting NABERS for New Zealand

    OEH worked closely with EECA to support them in adapting the NABERS program for New Zealand conditions. EECA’s adaptation team included the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ) and Australian firm Exergy Pty Ltd and consulted with the NABERSNZ Stakeholder Advisory Group which included Government and Industry representatives. Changes to the Scheme have been limited to only those necessary for its application to the NZ market whilst the rating benchmarks were based on an analysis of a sample of office buildings located throughout New Zealand.

    As NABERSNZ licensee, EECA engaged the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) to act as Administrator for NABERSNZ. The NZGBC will deliver training and manage the accreditation of Assessors and certification and auditing of ratings under the scheme.

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  • The NABERSNZ rating

    The NABERSNZ rating is based on the same methodology as the new generation NABERS tools (shopping centres, hotels and data centres) and calculates the percentage difference between the energy use of a rated building and the predicted average energy use for a building with the same attributes. The percentage is compared to the star rating benchmarks that form the 1 – 6 star rating scale.

    As for NABERS, both self-assessments and certified ratings which can be promoted publicly are available under NABERSNZ. Certified Ratings are those that have been performed by a NABERSNZ Assessor and certified by the NABERSNZ Administrator.

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  • NABERSNZ Assessor training

    NABERSNZ Accredited Assessor training is now available, for further information visit:

    NABERS Accredited Assessors can become accredited under the NABERSNZ scheme by completing and passing the NABERSNZ exam (at a cost of $NZ360 + GST) and paying the annual accreditation fee (of $NZ850 + GST). To find out more please contact the NABERSNZ team at

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  • Contacts

    For information further information on NABERSNZ visit: or contact the NABERSNZ team at If in New Zealand you can phone (09) 379 3996 (and ask for the NABERSNZ team).

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