Research and statistics

  • Demonstrated benefits

    The benefits of using NABERS can clearly be demonstrated by the reported energy and water savings of rated buildings, as well as financial and commercial benefits that have been demonstrated and quantified by a number of third party research projects and reports as detailed below.

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  • Proven savings from the NABERS database

    NABERS Energy has now been used to rate 72% of Australian office space. Office buildings using NABERS to regularly measure their performance have reported an average improvement in energy efficiency of 8.5%, which equates to about 0.6 stars, and are now saving 383,300 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, every year.

    Likewise, office buildings using NABERS Water have improved water efficiency on average by 0.7 stars or 11%, saving 1.6 billion litres of water every year. 1

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  • Building better returns with NABERS

    The 2011 Building Better Returns report2 demonstrated that:

    • A 5 star NABERS energy rating delivers a 9% green premium in value and the 3-4.5 star NABERS Energy ratings deliver a 2-3% green premium in value.
    • Major discounts in rents were evident in the lower NABERS Energy ratings for the Sydney CBD (9% discount in rents) and Canberra (6% discount in rents).
    • In the 5 star NABERS Energy rating, the Sydney CBD office market showed the largest green premium in rents (3%), as well as the largest discount in rents (9%) in the lowest NABERS Energy rating.
    • Higher NABERS rated buildings also enjoyed reduced vacancy, reduced outgoings, reduced incentives and reduced yields.

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  • Green properties outperform others

    According to the June 2013 results of the IPD Green Property Index3, buildings with a NABERS Energy rating deliver significantly higher returns than non-rated buildings or low rated buildings. Buildings with a NABERS Energy rating between 4 and 6 stars consistently outperformed low rated office buildings by 120 basis points.

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  • A profitable and resource efficient future

    According to a World Economic Forum report4, Australia is a world leader in retrofitting high-grade office buildings to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. The report stated that the “NABERS rating program and mandatory disclosure of NABERS ratings has put Australia ahead of other markets in terms of tenant education and demand for retrofits.”


    1. The NABERS Annual Report 2013-14

    2. Building Better Returns - A Study of the Financial Performance of Green Office Buildings in Australia - Research by the University of Western Sydney Australia and the University of Maastricht Netherlands in conjunction with Jones Lang LaSalle and CBRE – commissioned by the Australian Property Institute and the Property Funds Association


    4. AFR Retrofitting needs a revamp 15/11/11

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