Tool development

  • Creating new NABERS tools

    Since 1999, NABERS has become the industry standard and a world-leading program for measuring environmental performance in buildings and tenancies.

    To ensure that the program remains meaningful and drives innovation and environmental improvements, the tools are updated and new tools developed to meet industry needs.

    New NABERS tools are developed:

    • To measure the factors that have the greatest impact on the environment and the greatest opportunity for improvement, such as energy consumption and water use.
    • For sectors where one building or workplace can be fairly compared to another - in other words, most buildings of the type have similar characteristics, such as office buildings.

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  • Each new tool is designed to be:

      • Relevant - is the tool relevant for the intended market, easily understood and will it drive improved performance?
      • Realistic - is the tool realistic and does it recognise and reward current performance levels and encourage and promote best practice?
      • Practical - is the tool easy to use and does it make use of data currently collected by building owners and managers?

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  • The NABERS tool development process

    After identifying that a tool is needed, a comprehensive development path is followed:

    • A Technical Advisory Group comprising technical experts and government and industry representatives is established to guide the development of each new tool to ensure it is relevant, realistic and practical.
    • The team sets about gathering a dataset that represents the range of current performance of buildings in the marketplace.
    • This data is used both to set the benchmarks – ie to determine what is a high or low performance level – and to identify which factors outside of a building operator’s control affect performance, and should therefore be adjusted for (‘normalisation factors’).
    • The benchmarks and normalisation factors are used to develop the rating algorithms and the Rules for collecting data.
    • The NABERS National Steering Committee and Stakeholder Advisory Committee are also involved in reviewing and approving the tools.

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