Sustainability initiatives using NABERS

  • Sustainability initiatives

    Leading Australian sustainability initiatives for the built environment have incorporated NABERS ratings as an integral component.

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  • Commercial Building Disclosure Scheme

    The Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) is a national program that provides energy efficiency information about office buildings to prospective buyers or tenants. It aims to improve the energy efficiency of Australia’s large office buildings and is managed by the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy.

    Disclosing energy efficiency provides everyone with access to consistent and meaningful information about a building’s performance. This makes it easier for companies to buy or rent more energy efficient office space.

    An informed market rewards better performing buildings. It creates a strong market-based incentive for owners to improve their properties with cost-effective energy efficient upgrades that will increase their return on investment.

    More energy efficient buildings are more attractive to buyers and tenants and offer greater investment performance.

    The CBD Program requires most sellers and lessors of office space of 1,000 square metres or more to obtain a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) before the building goes on the market for sale, lease or sublease.

    BEECs are valid for up to 12 months and include

    - A NABERS) Energy rating and,

    - A tenancy lighting assessment of the relevant area of the building being sold or leased

    The Building’s NABERS Energy star rating must also be included in any advertising material for the sale, lease or sublease.

    For a quick overview of the CBD Program, watch the video here.

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  • CitySwitch Green Office

    Many organisationsare unaware of the environmental performance of their business accommodation or of the significant cost savings that can be achieved by effectively managing their office energy efficiency.

    With tenants able to influence up to half the energy used in office buildings, there is significant carbon and cost-saving opportunities to be realised.

    Australia’s flagship tenant energy efficiency program, CitySwitch Green Office is a growing network of organisations that are taking control of their carbon impact. The program is free to join and Signatories receive advice, financial guidance and ongoing support to help action energy efficiency projects and deliver operating cost savings.The program offers a range of tool kits, resources, best practice case studies, events and networking opportunities, and recognises and rewards achievement through its prestigious annual Awards program.

    Signatories commit to achieve and maintain an accredited 4 stars or higher NABERS Energy tenancy or whole building rating. Reduced administration fees are offered and businesses located in the majority of partnering cities can receive funding towards a NABERS Energy rating for their office tenancy when they join CitySwitch.

    Run in partnership between local and state government and supported by the NABERS program, CitySwitch Green Office aims to reduce carbon emissions produced by Australia’s office tenants, significantly decrease electricity demand across our CBDs, and push for improved energy efficiency in commercial office buildings. Find out more and join Australia’s green business leaders at

    To find a list of Assessors that have identified themselves as willing to conduct NABERS Energy for tenancy ratings in isolation to other value add services, go to the resources page of our website, scroll to the keyword search at the bottom, type 'opt-in' and click on the search button.

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  • Green Star

    Green Star is the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) national, voluntary environmental rating system for buildings and communities.

    Green Star evaluates the environmental design and construction of new and refurbished buildings and sustainable planning, design and construction of new communities. The Green Star building rating tools are able to rate all types of buildings except detached residential dwellings.

    To achieve a Green Star – Office Design, Green Star – Office As Built or Green Star – Office Interiors rating projects can make use of the NABERS Energy guides for their modelling.

    Projects that have signed a NABERS Commitment Agreement are able to use that documentation to claim Energy points without undertaking further modeling. The documentation needed to demonstrate compliance includes either evidence of the star rating achieved, or the design review document from the independent NABERS Design Review Panel stating the simulated kg CO2/m2.

    In 2010, the GBCA, the federal government and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, which administers NABERS, signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to improve technical consistency between the NABERS and the Green Star rating systems. The agreement will deliver greater compatibility between the assessment of building attributes covered by Green Star and performance of key impact areas such as energy, water, indoor environment and waste, which are assessed by NABERS.

    The GBCA is now developing the Green Star – Performance rating tool to address the performance of buildings in operation. The Green Star Tool Development team is working closely with NABERS to ensure there is no duplication of measurements or benchmarks where NABERS tools already exist in the market place.

    Accredited NABERS ratings performed by NABERS Assessors will be used as inputs for ‘credits’ in the appropriate Green Star category of the Performance rating tool. For example, NABERS Energy ratings will be used for one of a number of credits in the Energy category to demonstrate the carbon efficiency of a building in operation.

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