Why rate your office?

  • About NABERS for office buildings and tenancies

    NABERS ratings for office buildings and tenancies include NABERS Energy, NABERS Water (base or whole buildings only), NABERS Waste and NABERS Indoor Environment.

    You can use NABERS to rate an office tenancy, the base building (central services and common areas) or the whole building (a combination of the base building and tenancies).

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  • Why should I rate my office building or tenancy?

    Every office building and tenancy has the potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency, build corporate reputation and make a real and positive difference to the environment by becoming more sustainable - switching off, using less and recycling.

    By using NABERS to assess the efficiency and environmental performance of an office building or tenancy, you’ll be able to see how you measure up against others and where you have an opportunity to save energy and water, recycle and reduce waste, and improve the indoor environment.

    Having a current, independent and reliable rating can help building owners, managers and tenants to really understand the performance of their building or tenancy over time, and the impact of actions taken, in the key areas of lighting, indoor air quality, heating and air conditioning, water use and waste generation.

    Knowing how and where you use energy and water and generate waste are the first steps to saving money and reducing your environmental impact.

    For instance, research shows that by implementing simple energy efficiency practices many office buildings can save 20 to 40 per cent on their energy bills as well as significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Office buildings using NABERS to measure their energy and water efficiency have reported an average improvement in greenhouse performance of 9% and in water efficiency of 11%, saving a total of 345,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and 1,364 megalitres of water every year.

    Of course, there are many other benefits of rating office buildings and tenancies including:

    • Meeting Commercial Building Disclosure requirements.
    • Identifying ways to lower yearly operating costs.
    • Identifying cost savings across a property portfolio.
    • Measuring the impact of sustainability initiatives.
    • Making your office building more desirable to tenants.
    • Achieving higher rents and increasing asset value.
    • Improving corporate reputation.
    • Meeting environmentally responsible reporting criteria.
    • Creating a better work environment for employees.
    • Increasing shareholder value.
    • Meeting tenant and community expectations.

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