How is a NABERS Waste rating for offices calculated?

  • New NABERS Waste

    NABERS has launched a new Waste rating methodology and data tool in June 2018.

    NABERS Waste allows you to compare the waste generation and recycling performance of your office building relative to similar premises in the market place and is the first step in reducing your impact on the environment.

    NABERS Waste measures how much waste is diverted from landfill as a percentage of total materials generated.

    With waste billing and contractor data becoming more accessible and reliable in the last decade, the tool uses actual waste collection data over a 12-month period to determine the rating.

    This online tool allows building managers and waste companies to upload data on a regular basis to a completely online platform, encouraging them to visualise and monitor their waste performance.

    Once sufficient data is entered into the platform the building manager must engage an assessor to complete the rating.


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