The NABERS Home Energy Explorer

  • The NABERS Home Energy Explorer

    Need a health check on your home energy use? 

    Want to improve the comfort of your home and potentially save on bills? Understanding your home energy performance just got a whole lot easier!

    The NABERS Home Energy Explorer is a free, quick and easy to use online “do it yourself” tool that helps you understand how you are currently using energy around the home. It will show you where energy is used and help you understand how to reduce bills and improve the comfort of your home.

    The NABERS Home Energy Explorer has been developed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to give you unbiased, practical tips on how to improve the energy performance of your home. It will help you see where energy is being wasted and identify any potential opportunities for improvement.

    How does it work?

    By using the information from your energy bill(s) and answering some simple questions about your home the NABERS Home Energy Explorer can provide you with a personalised energy saving action plan, identifying specific ways you can save energy.

    A full home assessment takes around 20 minutes but if you’re short on time you can just complete the areas that interest you and come back later.

    You can also look at how your home compares to other similar homes by using the home rating feature in the NABERS Home Energy Explorer. The more stars you have the better the energy performance of your home.

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  • The NABERS Home Energy Explorer data

    To rate your home, you will need to have on hand your last 12 consecutive months of energy bills.

    Your energy use is compared to the average home to find out if your household is a high or low consumer. Average usage was calculated using information from thousands of Australian homes.

    To ensure your home is fairly compared to the average, your home’s energy use is adjusted based on:

    • How many people live in your home
    • How many weeks each year your home is occupied
    • Your local climate - whether your home is in a warmer or cooler climate than the typical Australian home, and therefore needs more energy for heating or cooling, for instance.

    Once your energy use is adjusted by the above factors, your energy use are compared to the average household and your NABERS Energy ratings are calculated.

    Your home will be given a Star rating, which indicates your energy usage.

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  • The NABERS rating scale

    6 stars     Leading energy performance

    5 stars     Excellent energy performance

    4 stars     Good energy performance

    3 stars     Median energy performance

    2 stars     Below average energy performance

    1 star       Poor energy performance

    We suggest that you undertake the rating every year to see how your household is making change to save energy, save money on your bills and help our environment.

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  • What can be rated?

    A NABERS Energy rating can be calculated if your home is separately metered, such as for detached houses, semi-detached, townhouses, duplexes, and villas.

    If your apartment or terrace has shared metering for energy usage, these bills would show an estimate only and a NABERS rating cannot be calculated.

    If your apartment is separately metered, be aware that your utility bills will not account for the energy used in common areas (such as lighting of stairwells and gardens), so your NABERS rating will not give you a full picture of all the energy use associated with your home.

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