Improving your rating

  • Monitoring and reporting tips

    Obtaining an accredited NABERS rating is just the start of your path to a more sustainable data centre. Once you know how efficient your centre is in comparison with your peers, you can start to create strategies for reducing your energy use. For example, you could consider:

    1. Establishing an energy management strategy for your company, identifying where energy efficiencies could be implemented to reduce costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

    2. Monitoring and reporting on your energy use. It's important to continually monitor and report energy usage so that areas of concern can be identified and problems can be fixed. If you do not currently have adequate metering, you could install sub-meters. Good metering is critical to ensure reliable monitoring and reporting.

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  • Energy saving actions

    To improve the energy efficiency of your IT equipment you could consider

    • server virtualisation to reduce system idle consumption (and also reduce the total number of servers)
    • utilising on-chip energy management functions (e.g. Intel Speed Step, C-State etc.) to reduce energy use when processors are idle
    • upgrading hardware, where required. Naturally newer processors do more with less energy - anecdotally, each generation of Intel processors will improve its energy efficiency by between 10-20%. Includes SANS and other disk technology. Consider the cost in watts or kilowatts for each terabyte of storage.

    To improve the infrastructure services you could consider:

    • fine tuning and commissioning of the HVAC controls
    • hot/cold aisle containment
    • occupancy based lighting controls
    • higher efficiency UPS, where feasible
    • higher efficiency PDU
    • PDU level metering (will maximise rating outcome and ensure rateability)
    • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 2012 Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments (third addition) allow for higher temperatures in data centres and this in turn can lower the electricity usage and emissions

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  • Setting a rating target for your data centre

    NABERS has created a Reverse Calculator that allows you to calculate the maximum amount of energy a data centre can use to achieve a star rating that you specify. This is particularly useful if you are setting NABERS star rating performance targets for your data centre.

    The Reverse Calculator results are for your information only and cannot be reported or promoted in any way.

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