NABERS Level 2 Audit Program

  • Program Compliance and Quality Assurance

    Ensuring the integrity, transparency and accountability of the NABERS Program is a top priority of the NABERS National Administrator. NABERS Ratings undertaken by NABERS Assessors should truly and accurately represent the actual environmental performance of the rated premises; and NABERS Assessors should carry on their duties with diligence and ensuring compliance with the NABERS Rules, Processes and Procedures.

    In order to guarantee this and provide a quality-assurance and continuous improvement measure, the National Administrator has established the NABERS Auditing Program, which is underpinned by the NABERS Auditing Policy  and the NABERS Rating Auditing Procedure.

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  • The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) administers the NABERS program and has been appointed as an auditing authority under the Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010.

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  • What does auditing achieve?

    The NABERS program routinely undertakes two levels of audit. A Level 1 Audit is conducted in 100 per cent of NABERS rating applications. Level 1 Audits are a quality assurance process undertaken internally by NABERS staff in order to ensure that NABERS Assessors have correctly completed ratings, have not made apparent data-entry errors, and have correctly applied the NABERS Rules while undertaking the rating.

    A Level 2 Audit is conducted on five per cent of ratings by external Auditors appointed bi-annually by the National Administrator. A Level 2 Audit is a quality-assurance peer review process that delivers a complete re-rating of the rated premises, using the documentation relied upon by the NABERS Assessor in conducting the original rating.

    By entirely re-engineering NABERS ratings under the Level 2 Audit scheme, the National Administrator can identify whether the original rating was a true representation of the actual environmental performance of the rated premises; as well as whether the NABERS Assessor who undertook the rating is performing with the expected level of diligence and professionalism.

    NABERS ratings can be revised or withdrawn as a result of a Level 2 Audit, and NABERS Assessors can also receive a wide array of sanctions based on the level of performance identified as part of the audit.

    A Level 2 Audit is also conducted on five per cent of ratings undertaken in compliance with the Commonwealth’s Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program in order to maintain the program’s integrity.

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  • Selection of ratings for audit and parties involved

    In order to guarantee a fair, transparent and accountable approach to auditing, most Level 2 Audits are randomly selected. The National Administrator can also select a small number of ratings for audit based on identified or suspected risk. Ratings will normally be automatically selected for a Level 2 Audit at the time of certification.

    NABERS Assessors will be informed immediately when one of their ratings has been selected for a Level 2 Audit, at which point the audit process commences.

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  • Audit timeframes and what to expect

    Level 2 Audits can be completed within different timeframes depending on a number of variables, such as the type and level of complexity of the original rating; the quality and completeness of the documentation provided for audit; and the level of cooperation of the Assessor during the different stages of the audit process. The average timeframe for an audit to be completed is three months.

    Assessors whose rating is selected for audit are expected to fully cooperate with the Auditor and the National Administrator in the timely provision of documentation and responses throughout the different stages of the audit process. Assessors who fail to cooperate or meet audit timeframes may be temporarily prevented from lodging additional ratings for certification until the audit is completed. A Level 2 Audit is a serious quality-assurance and accountability exercise and must be met with the due level of diligence by NABERS Assessors.

    NABERS Assessors are responsible for their ratings and are required to keep all documentation used for a particular rating for seven years. The National Administrator expects that documents used for all ratings are readily available to be provided to an auditor in the event of a Level 2 Audit.

    The NABERS Rating Auditing Procedure (link) describes the different stages of the Level 2 Audit process including responsibilities of the different parties involved (i.e. NABERS National Administrator, Level 2 Auditor and Assessor), timeframes, audit outcomes and applicable sanctions. All NABERS Assessors and other parties interested in the outcome of a Level 2 Audit are encouraged to get familiar with this document in order to be prepared in the event of a Level 2 Audit.

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  • A note for rating clients, building owners and tenants

    A Level 2 Audit may result in the revision or withdrawal of the original NABERS Rating. Such a measure can bear a number of significant consequences to the rating clients, building owners and/or tenants of the rated premises. It could be in the best interest of such parties to fully collaborate with the NABERS Assessor with access to premises during rating (and possibly during audit), provision of full and compliant documentation from the onset of a rating, and assistance in sourcing potential additional documentation needed during audit.

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  • Level 2 Audit resources

    This section of the NABERS website has been created to consolidate a comprehensive list of Level 2 Audit resources in order to assist and prepare NABERS Assessors for audit. The section will be updated from time to time in order to have an up to date list of resources for all NABERS Stakeholders involved in or affected by the Level 2 Audit process.

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  • NABERS Program Compliance Unit contact

    For further information about the NABERS Level 2 Audit Program please contact the NABERS Program Compliance Unit by calling (02) 9995 5000 (ask for the NABERS National Administrator), or by emailing

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NABERS Level 2 Audits

  • Level 2 Audit Governing Documents

    The key documents underpinning the NABERS Level 2 Audit program are:

    - Auditing Policy v1.0
    - Auditing Procedure v5.0

    Assessors and anyone interested in the NABERS Level 2 Auditing Program should become familiar with these documents.

    Level 2 Auditors

    NABERS Level 2 Auditors are appointed for a period of two years by open tender. There are currently 11 NABERS Auditors appointed to deliver auditing services from October 2017 to October 2019. A new tender to refresh the panel will be open during the second quarter of 2019.

    Outcomes of the Level 2 Audit Program

    The NABERS National Administrator provides quarterly reports per Financial Year to NABERS Accredited Assessors and the public about the outcomes of the Level 2 Audit Program:

    - 1st quarter 2017 FY
    2nd quarter 2017 FY
    3rd quarter 2017 FY

    Resources for NABERS Assessors

    The following resources aim at assisting NABERS Assessors in the event of a Level 2 Audit.
    - Documentation template *
    - Level 2 Audits FAQ *
    - Tips to Assessors under audit*
    *coming soon