What is an accredited rating?

  • Accredited NABERS ratings

    Accredited NABERS ratings are formal ratings performed by NABERS Accredited Assessors, and certified by the NABERS National Administrator, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).

    If you wish to promote, report or publicly disclose your rating, you must obtain an accredited rating. For more information on promoting your rating, go to Using rating results (for offices, hotels and shopping centres).

    The cost of an accredited rating will depend on the type of rating you are undertaking, the size of your building, and the difficulty of gathering the appropriate data. The price is market-driven and we recommend that you seek three quotes from Accredited Assessors before proceeding. For more information on the benefits of an accredited NABERS rating, see the About NABERS section.

    You can self-assess the environmental performance of your premises at no cost using the NABERS Rating calculator on this website.

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