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On-site Renewable Electricity Generation Systems Interim Ruling

NABERS has been working on a new Ruling around the treatment of On-site Renewable Electricity Generation Systems after receiving interest from a broad range of stakeholders to prioritise the work. 

This Ruling aims to clarify how assessors and building owners should account for On-site Renewable Electricity Generation Systems in a NABERS rating for any building type. The Ruling will take effect for ratings lodged from 1 August 2020 onwards.

To assist industry with the roll out of these new requirements, NABERS is publishing this Ruling as an Interim Ruling. This means for the next six months assessors and building owners are able to use the Ruling while NABERS continues to work with stakeholders and the wider industry towards providing further guidance on the more complex aspects of On-Site Renewable Electricity Generation Systems.

NABERS continues to encourage open dialogue and welcomes feedback on the Ruling so that necessary improvements can be made to ensure it is fit for purpose across all building types. A key goal is ensuring sites with On-site Renewable Electricity Generation Systems are able to realise their full benefit appropriately in their NABERS ratings.

Key Content 

  • Clarification and requirements for Dedicated and Shared Connections. Previously, the Rules only allowed for a Dedicated Connection
  • Requirements for allocation of renewable electricity 
  • Requirements where Battery Storage is present for a rated premises
  • Documentation requirements 


  • All Rulings are to be read in conjunction with the respective NABERS Rules


  • The NABERS team has released the "OREG Module" on the NABERS Learn platform. The OREG Module consists of six parts, including a 'Check Your Understanding' component. Completion of this module is not mandatory. The course is free and can be found under the 'Free Courses' tab on the platform.

If you have any questions regarding the interpretation or application of the new Ruling, please contact nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au

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