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Waste Contractor Resources

The NABERS Waste Manager is the online platform which calculates the Waste Rating. It also makes waste data management and reporting simpler and more accessible.

Waste contractors are a vital stakeholder in this process, providing data on a building’s waste streams.

As a waste contractor, your clients may already have asked you to use the NABERS Waste Manager, or you may be preparing for when they do make this request. 

This page will help you understand the process and give you the templates and resources you need to get started.

Why should waste contractors use NABERS Waste Manager?

Clients who are asking you to upload data in this format are at the forefront of managing their waste data. These organisations would like to work with you to improve the operational waste performance of their buildings, through the analysis of detailed waste data in a standardised format.

The platform allows waste companies to directly upload data, reducing double handling of information. You have a important role in reporting an organisation’s waste production via the NABERS Waste Manager.

Why this data format?

NABERS worked with the commercial property sector to develop a standard waste reporting format. These reports allow waste producers to identify waste performance improvements, increase recycling and remove operational inefficiencies.

This format is becoming a standard for commercial waste collection data. It:

  • meets the needs of the Better Buildings Partnerships Operational Waste Guidelines
  • can be used for Green Star points through the Green Building Council of Australia
  • aligns with the waste industry’s move to weight-based reporting

By delivering your client’s data in this format, you will be offering your clients best practice reporting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. An organisation sets up their building on NABERS Waste Manager and contacts their waste contractors to discuss data reporting needs and confirm waste collection details for the building.
  2. Waste contractor creates a login for NABERS. Complete the Waste Contractor form, available in the list below and email to NABERS.
  3. Waste contractor saves the organisation’s waste collection data into the correct format. See NABERS’s Waste Platform Data Template in the list below.
  4. Waste contractor logs into NABERS Waste Manager and uploads data for the building.
  5. The organisation can view and use this data to generate a waste rating, and for ongoing management their operational waste performance.


The following resources are available to download at the end of this page.

  • User guide for waste contractors
  • Waste data template
  • Waste data template instructions
  • A guide on common errors relating to data uploads and how to fix them
  • Quick reference guide to platform user types and permissions
  • User guide on how to register a building on the platfrom, and add user accounts
  • A form to create your company on our database so you can access the platform.

More resources are available from our User Support Kit.

Free Training

NABERS has free online training on how to use the platform. The training will give you:

  • an overall understanding of how the platform works
  • detail on how to upload data to the platform (Lesson 5: Uploading data).
  • an understanding of how your clients will view and use the data
  • the skills to troubleshoot data upload issues.