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In 2018-19 Australia generated an estimated 74.1 million tonnes of waste, of which nearly 22 million tonnes were produced by the commercial and industrial buildings sector.

The NABERS Waste tool measures how well a building manages waste generation, recycling and resource recovery, and supply chain management. 

There are three tiers of service available depending on the sector you are in. They are the following:

The NABERS Waste Platform is available for every building type. The platform allows you to upload and track your building’s waste data month-to-month which is then converted into useful management insights. The different graphs on the platform represent key performance waste metrics that are designed to demonstrate how well a building separates its waste into streams that can be composted and recycled.

The NABERS Waste Verification Report is available for shopping centres and hotels. It is designed so that you can report on your building’s waste performance using a respected industry standard. By inputting data into the NABERS Waste Platform and verifying on-the-ground performance with a NABERS Waste Accredited Assessor, you will generate a report that enables you to prove your commitment to reducing your building’s environmental footprint.  

A NABERS Waste Rating follows the same rigorous check and balances as a NABERS Waste Verification report. You’ll get a NABERS star rating which is easy to understand and can be used to highlight your success in improving your waste management practices. This is currently only available for commercial office buildings as it has been through a benchmarking process with like-for-like buildings.  

We also have the NABERS Waste Data and Measurement Standard available for third party reporting systems that would like to align to the NABERS method.

About the NABERS Waste Platform

We have developed an online platform to make it simpler to understand your waste data. The platform provides visibility of the waste streams leaving your building and your recycling rate. These insights should lead to improvements and may improve your recycling performance.

Access to the platform is included as standard if you have bought a NABERS Waste rating, or a NABERS Waste Verification Report for your building.  If your building does not have either of these available yet, then you can use the waste platform for a small fee until a NABERS waste solution is available for your sector.

The platform can be used to monitor:

  • Recycling rate
  • Material stream composition
  • Waste intensities
  • Frequency of waste collections
  • Volumes or weights collected
  • Waste collection costs

How do I use the platform and get a rating?

You will need:

  1. A login to the platform.
  2. Information on the building, including information on your waste management contract, and the number and types of bins on the premises.
  3. Someone to regularly upload the data spreadsheet. This could be you, your waste contractor, or a data management company.

Complete the NABERS Waste setup information form and email it to nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au (subject: NABERS%20Waste%20setup) (the NABERS team). Find out more about the pricing here.

About the NABERS Waste Verification Report

A NABERS Waste Verification Report is an independent measure of the recycling and resource recovery performance of a building. The Waste Verification Report process assesses buildings on how well they separate and divert waste generated in the building into streams that can be re-used and recycled, and whether those materials are likely to go to a facility that will recover the materials.

You’ll receive the following results in your verification report:

  • Verified Recycling Rate (VRR) (previously Adjusted recycling rate) is the adjusted recycling rate after the assessor has assessed the data quality score it has been applied to recycling rate
  • The Material Recovery Score (MRS) recognises a building’s contribution to better resource recovery and reduced potential pollution, by rewarding the best feasible recovery of material
  • Waste Intensity is the total weight of waste generation of total area of the building
  • Verified waste score (previously Normalised recycling rate) – A composite metric of VRR and MRS, this is the final adjusted score using the assessors assessed verified recycling rate that incorporates data quality and the material recovery score that looks at resource recovery.

To obtain a verification report, you need to upload 12 months of your operational waste data to the Waste Platform, collect some data about your building through waste audits, and engage a NABERS Accredited Assessor to complete the rating process. One of our accredited Assessors can help you with this process.

Is my building eligible for a verification report?

Currently, the NABERS Waste Verification Report is available to shopping centres and hotels. If you are interested in a verification report for your sector, please nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au (subject: NABERS%20Waste%20Verification%20Report) (contact the NABERS inbox) and a team member will reach out shortly to assist. Find out more about the pricing here.

About the NABERS Waste Rating

A NABERS Waste Rating has undergone the same rigorous process as a Verification Report. A benchmarking exercise has been done to allow comparison to other like-for-like buildings.  With a NABERS Waste Rating, you get all the insights from the waste management platform, as well as the results in the waste verification report PLUS your waste outcomes are also expressed on a NABERS six star rating scale. This lets you see how you compare to peers.

Rating types

NABERS offers two benchmark options for the rating:

Base building: Measures only those wastes contracted by the building owner. This rating provides insights into the management of the building, irrespective of which tenants are in the building.

Whole building: Measures any waste that leaves from the building, where it can be reliably measured. This rating suits a building with highly engaged tenants who are working with building management.

Watch the video below to learn more about a NABERS Waste Rating.

Is my building eligible for a rating?

Currently, the Waste rating is only available for commercial office buildings. If you are interested in a waste rating for your sector, please contact the NABERS inbox and a team member will reach out shortly to assist. Find out more about the pricing here.

Complete the NABERS Waste setup information form and email it to nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au (subject: NABERS%20Waste%20setup) (the NABERS team).

About the NABERS Waste Data and Measurement Standard

The Data and Measurement Standard guide is primarily for use by third party reporting systems that would like to align to the NABERS Waste data and measurement standard.  This Data and Measurement Standard establishes a robust and comparable method for commercial buildings to analyse and report on their waste performance. It underpins the NABERS Waste method. 

The standard was developed through seven years of experience of major property portfolios in Australia seeking to understand their waste data and use it to drive improvements.

Download the NABERS Waste Data and Measurement Standard Guide here.

More info?

Learn more about the Waste tool:

If you are a waste management company, then refer to our Waste Contractor Resources page to help you understand the process and give you the templates and resources you need to get started.

We have also created a Waste Platform User Support Kit. The kit contains all user support documents for the platform. This includes the current version of the data upload template for the platform.

Rating information