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COVID-19 and NABERS Ratings

Managing impacts of COVID-19 on NABERS Ratings


Assessors and building owners have raised questions with the NABERS National Administrator (NABERS) and the Commercial Building Disclosure program (CBD) about the impacts of COVID-19 on NABERS ratings. 

The document on this page answers questions, provides clarifications and presents time-bound rulings regarding these impacts. The questions and the ruling have been put into the same document for ease of use by Assessors.

The document and Rulings are now available for use for ratings. The most recent update (v4.0) extends the validity of all Rulings to 31st October 2020 and adds new requirements for conducting NABERS Waste ratings during the COVID-19 period.

NABERS will continue to monitor the changing circumstances brought on by the spread of COVID-19 and will continue to make changes as is required. When changes are made NABERS will keep historical versions of the Ruling on this website.

If you have any questions, contact NABERS at nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au


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