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NABERS Accelerate

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    Expanding NABERS to new sectors

    NABERS is committed to creating a sustainable built environment by reducing carbon emissions and minimising water usage and landfill waste.

    NABERS has enjoyed great success as a world-recognised and robust rating tool for offices, shopping centres, hotels and other building sectors. Since 2010 our ratings have helped save 7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and 1.2 billion litres of water. 

    As part of our commitment to meeting the Australian government's 2050 net zero emissions targets, we're working hard to expand the NABERS rating tool into more building sectors.

    NABERS Accelerate

    NABERS Accelerate is a program provided to new sectors to speed up the development and adoption of NABERS ratings.  NABERS Accelerate has the following workstreams:

    Graph icon Data collection for benchmarking
    Provide data on site characteristics and annual energy and water use for technical benchmarking.
    People icon Advisory panel
    Become a member of our NABERS Accelerate panel. We work with key stakeholders in new sectors through regular panel meetings during the rating development.
    Envelope icon NABERS Accelerate updates
    Sign up for our newsletter and we will provide regular updates and key milestones of NABERS Accelerate

    Expansion sectors

    After extensive industry consultation and sector analysis, we prioritised the following sectors:

    What sectors will NABERS launch next?

    We are currently expanding NABERS into two sectors in 2022-2024.

    • Schools: NABERS ratings will enable schools to understand their energy and water performance, and identify areas for cost savings and improvements, all while creating better, healthier learning environments for our children.
    • Retail stores: NABERS ratings for retail stores will quantify a site's energy and water performance. A NABERS rating can then identify areas for cost savings and improvements and promote the retail store's environmental credentials.

    We are working with sustainability pioneers who can help us access the data and insights for these sectors. Participating in the rating tool development is an excellent opportunity for your buildings to be represented and included in the national benchmark.

    If you're interested in participating in data collection or advisory groups or want to know more, please email us at nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au.

    What about other sectors?

    As part of our strategic plan, NABERS aims to expand to all major building types eventually.

    Why should I participate in NABERS Accelerate?

    Industry stakeholder collaboration is key to building a sustainable future and developing robust benchmarks for our rating tools. Therefore, we invite you to work with us to build a rating product that meets your organisational needs

    NABERS Accelerate Benefits

    Data collection for benchmarking

    Provide data on your building's characteristics and your annual energy and water use. The NABERS team will use this for technical benchmarking and providing data ensures that the tool will suit your building type.

    • Schools: Download the data collection spreadsheet here.
    • Retail stores: Download the data collection spreadsheet for Simple Retail here and Big Box and Departmental Retail here.
    • Supermarkets: Download the data collection spreadsheet here.

    Further reading

    Consult our fact sheets to understand more about the NABERS Accelerate program the benefits to you and your stakeholder of being in the program: