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Retirement Living

NABERS ratings for retirement living facilities quantify your building’s energy and water performance.

We give your site a rating from one to six stars, based on the energy and water efficiency of the central services and common areas of your retirement living site. Your water rating can include shared water use only, or all water use, dependent on your preference and metering.

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    Energy and Water ratings

    Use NABERS to rate the energy and water usage within the common property areas of your building. This includes (but is not limited to):

    • Number of dwellings on site
    • Serviced apartments on site
    • Retirement village site area
    • Heated / unheated pool
    • Climate zone / postcode

    Preparing for your rating

    To prepare for your NABERS rating:

    1. Get ready: Source quotes from a few Obtain 2-3 quotes from a NABERS Accredited Assessors to understand scope of work (site hours and consulting hours). Obtain sign off on a NABERS rating and engage a NABERS Assessor.
    2. Gather your data: You’ll need 12 months’ historical data on your energy and/or water consumption and some evidence about the size and features of your building. Your Assessor will advise you on what you need to provide.
    3. Achieve NABERS certification: Organise access for your Assessor to conduct a site visit to validate your information.
    4. Improve your rating: Your NABERS rating lasts for 12 months. Take action. Enjoy savings. Get annual ratings so that you can track improved performance.

    For more information, consult our NABERS for Retirement Living fact sheet.

    NABERS Waste Platform

    Use the NABERS Waste Platform to upload and track your building’s waste data month-to-month. The platform automatically converts it into useful management insights. The different graphs on the platform represent key performance waste metrics that are designed to demonstrate how well a building separates its waste into streams that can be composted and recycled.

    Find out more about pricing for your sector, and more about NABERS Waste.

    Co-located sites

    Some facilities offer residential aged care homes and a retirement living village within the same site boundaries for smooth and easy transitioning of residents from independent living in a retirement village to high care arrangements provided in a residential aged care facility. Our NABERS Energy tool for co-located facilities provides a combined energy rating for your co-located sites. Refer to the NABERS Rules to understand how you can rate your co-located site.

    Please note for co-located sites only the NABERS Energy rating tool is available.