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Data Centres

NABERS energy ratings for data centres is a set of benchmarking tools for measuring the energy efficiency and environmental impact of data centres.

NABERS Energy for data centres (IT Equipment)

This type of rating is for organisations who own or manage their IT equipment (including servers, storage devices, network equipment) and do not control data centre support services such as air conditioning, lighting and security. 

The rating benchmarks the emissions associated with the energy consumed by the IT equipment. This allows organisations to determine the efficiency of their equipment. The less energy consumed for a given level of capacity, the more efficient the data centre and the higher the rating.

NABERS Energy for data centres (Infrastructure)

This rating is for data centre owners and managers. It allows them to determine their facility’s energy efficiency in supplying the infrastructure services to the IT equipment housed in a data centre. This rating is suitable for co-location centres where the operators do not have control of any tenant IT equipment but provide the cooling and power delivery systems.

NABERS Energy for data centres (Whole facility)

This rating combines both the IT Equipment and Infrastructure tools and is designed for organisations that both manage and occupy their data centre or where internal metering arrangements do not permit a separate IT Equipment or Infrastructure rating.

Preparing for your rating

NABERS ratings for data centres are based on real life operational data.

For more information about preparing for a data centre rating, please see our Preparing for a Dating Centre Rating Guide below.

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