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What is NABERS?

Every building has an impact on the environment. Buildings use 40% of the world’s energy, emit 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, and use 20% of the world’s available drinking water.

Fortunately, we’re becoming better at understanding how we can make buildings more energy, waste and water efficient. But, the first step is understanding how each building is operating and gauging the impact it's having on the environment.

This is where NABERS comes in….

NABERS (which stands for the National Australian Built Environment Rating System) can be used to measure a building’s energy efficiency, carbon emissions, as well as the water consumed, the waste produced and compare it to similar buildings.

Once you understand your impact, you can begin the journey to reducing it and contributing to a healthier environment.

Key Principles of NABERS

NABERS is Australia’s leading building performance rating due to its integrity of methods, transparency of process and accountability to industry.

 NABERS is built on the following 7 key principles which helps us maintain our quality of service.

  1. NABERS measures actual impact, not intent
  2. NABERS is relevant to building operations
  3. NABERS ratings are meaningful
  4. NABERS ratings are simple and easy to perform
  5. NABERS ratings are reliable
  6. NABERS management is trustworthy
  7. NABERS development is collaborative
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