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Commitment Agreements

What is a Commitment Agreement?

NABERS Commitment Agreements let owners and developers promote the environmental performance of their new or refurbished building before it is complete. 

A Commitment Agreement is a contract to design, build and commission a building to achieve a target rating of at least 4 stars. For office base building ratings, targeted ratings must be at least 4.5 stars.

How to get a Commitment Agreement

As part of your signed Commitment Agreement contract, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Ask your design team to build a model or simulation of your building as designed. Your design team will need to refer to the Handbook for Estimating NABERS ratings (PDF,  1.44MB) to do this.

2. Use the model to:

  • understand how the building’s materials, location and systems work together
  • estimate total energy consumption.

3. Contract a member of the Independent Design Review (IDR) Panel to review the model and design documentation. This review checks all assumptions and estimations.

4. Address any issues or areas for improvement before they impact the final building’s performance and targeted rating.

5. Obtain NABERS Energy performance rating to verify if the target rating has been achieved or not.

Who can get a Commitment Agreement?

Commitment Agreements can be signed for both new and refurbished buildings. Multiple space types can commit to a target rating, including: 

  • Offices
    • Base building
    • Whole building
    • Tenancy
  • Hotels

Commitment Agreements for shopping centres, data centres and apartment buildings will be available in mid to late 2019.

Why sign a Commitment Agreement?

There are many reasons to sign a Commitment Agreement, including:

  • Increased capital value
  • Decreased operational energy costs
  • Marketing and communications opportunities
  • Attracting blue chip and/or anchor tenants, who often value or have requirements for high performing buildings
  • Increasing the likelihood of achieving your desired build quality and operational performance 
  • Respected process involving an expert third-party, Independent Design Review to highlight risks.

Current Commitment Agreements

Search all current Commitment Agreements.

Interested in getting a Commitment Agreement?

Email us at nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au (subject: I'd%20like%20to%20know%20more%20about%20NABERS%20Commitment%20Agreements) and we can help you get started.