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Warehouses and Cold Stores

NABERS ratings for Warehouses and Cold Stores quantify your building’s energy performance. We give your facility a rating from one to six stars, based on the energy efficiency of the warehouse and/or cold store.

Your NABERS rating can then be used to identify areas for future cost savings, building and operation improvements as well as promoting environment credentials.

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    Energy ratings

    Use NABERS to rate the energy usage of your warehouse and/or cold store. Depending on your rating type, we look at:

    • Conditioned area
    • Non – conditioned area
    • Cold store and cool store volume 
    • Weekly operating hours
    • Number of full-time equivalent workers
    • Annual turnover ratio

    Preparing for your rating

    To prepare for your NABERS rating:

    1. Get ready: Visit NABERS website. Obtain 2-3 quotes from a NABERS Accredited Assessors to understand the scope of work (site hours and consulting hours). Obtain sign off on a NABERS rating and engage a NABERS Assessor.
    2. Gather your data: You’ll need 12 months’ historical data on your energy consumption and some evidence about the size and features of your building. Your Assessor will advise you on the data and information you need to provide.
    3. Achieve NABERS certification: Organise access for your Assessor to conduct a site visit to validate your information.
    4. Improve your rating: Your NABERS rating lasts for 12 months. Take action. Enjoy savings. Get annual ratings so that you can track improved performance.

    For more information, contact our team via email nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au.

    Find out more about pricing for your sector here.