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Shopping Centres

NABERS for shopping centres rates the energy and water use that is under the control of a shopping centre owner.

NABERS Energy and Water ratings for shopping centres assess and rate all services provided by the shopping centre owner to retail tenants and the associated back-of-house requirements. This includes:

  • All services provided to common areas
  • Air-conditioning services provided to tenants
  • All water consumption across retail applications
  • Services provided to car parks
  • All vertical transportation located within common areas.


Energy ratings refer to shopping centre owners rating the central services of their retail shopping centre.

NABERS Energy ratings for shopping centres do not include tenancy energy use for light and power.


Water rating refer to shopping centre owners rating all external water supplies to the shopping centre.

Preparing for your rating

NABERS ratings for shopping centres are based on real life operational data.

For more information about preparing for a shopping centre rating, consult our NABERS for Shopping Centres fact sheet.

Free ratings

This year NABERS is providing financial relief to sectors heavily affected by COVID-19.  As such, we are waiving the NABERS fee for ratings lodged between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021. The following ratings are available NABERS fee-free to all shopping centres:

  • Energy: FREE, normally $1,219
  • Water: FREE, normally $1,219
  • Carbon Neutral (including the Climate Active fee): FREE, normally $1,936

The NABERS fee waiver will automatically be applied when an Assessor lodges a rating.  Find out more about pricing and the conditions of the offer here.  Please note the Assessor fee will still be applicable and will vary depending on the size of your building and complexity of the metering. 

For any queries please email nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au, or speak directly with your Assessor contact for any queries. 

Don't have an Assessor yet? Find a NABERS accredited Assessor here.


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