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Shopping Centres

NABERS for shopping centres rates the energy and water use that is under the control of a shopping centre owner.

NABERS Energy and Water ratings for shopping centres assess and rate all services provided by the shopping centre owner to retail tenants and the associated back-of-house requirements. This includes:

  • All services provided to common areas
  • Air-conditioning services provided to tenants
  • All water consumption across retail applications
  • Services provided to car parks
  • All vertical transportation located within common areas.


Energy ratings refer to shopping centre owners rating the central services of their retail shopping centre.

NABERS Energy ratings for shopping centres do not include tenancy energy use for light and power.


Water rating refer to shopping centre owners rating all external water supplies to the shopping centre.

Preparing for your rating

NABERS ratings for shopping centres are based on real life operational data.

For more information about preparing for a shopping centre rating, please see our Preparing for a Shopping Centre Rating Guide below.

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