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Office Buildings

Use NABERS to assess the efficiency and environmental performance of your office building or office tenancy.

NABERS helps you see how your building measures up against others and identify opportunities to save energy and water, recycle and reduce waste, and improve the indoor environment.

Energy ratings

NABERS Energy measures the efficiency of an office building and rates either the base building, tenancy or whole building. An energy ratings works by comparing the energy consumption of a building against a set of benchmarks that have been developed using actual data. A NABERS Energy rating can be done with or without GreenPower.

Base building Energy rating: occurs when central services like heating and cooling systems, lifts and lobby lighting are rated.

Tenancy Energy rating: when businesses choose to rate the space they occupy within a building.

Whole building Energy rating: this rates the base building and tenant occupied space. This usually occurs when there is a single tenant occupying an entire building.

Carbon Neutral Certification

Carbon Neutral certification is an extension of a NABERS Energy rating. It takes into account how much, or little carbon a building is producing. The certification also incorporates carbon offsets or carbon credits purchased with the intention of a building becoming carbon positive.

Carbon Neutral certification is only available for buildings with current NABERS Energy ratings of 4 stars and above.

Water ratings

A NABERS Water rating looks at the amount of water used and recycled within a building.

Whole building Water rating: measures all of the water used in a building, including the base building and tenant occupied spaced.

Waste ratings

A NABERS Waste rating measures the amount of waste a building generates including materials that are recycled. The Waste Manager Platform is an online service which allows buildings to upload their waste data and convert it into visual insights which can be used to interrogate changes in waste practices in a building, waste reporting and to promote recycling improvements. 

The way we rate commercial building waste changed in June 2018!

Learn more about this new service here.

Indoor Environment ratings

A NABERS Indoor Environment rating measures the indoor air quality, lighting quality, temperature and thermal comfort as well as acoustic quality of a building.

Base building Indoor Environment rating: is designed for building owners and managers, who generally control and maintain the thermal services, air systems and building cleaning services.

Tenancy Indoor Environment rating: is for building occupants who control and mange the design and materials used in their office fit-out, lighting and their internal noise levels. Some tenants also have control over indoor air quality as well.

Whole building Indoor Environment rating: these are for organisations that both manage and occupy their office space, or in some cases where a single tenant occupies the entirety of a building.

Preparing for your rating

NABERS ratings for office buildings and tenancies are based on real life operational data, collected over 12 months.

For more information about preparing for an office building rating, please see our Preparing for an Office Rating Guide.

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