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NABERS Indoor Environment

Poor air quality is becoming one of the biggest environmental concerns of our time. Air quality and comfort correlate with human wellbeing and performance.

There is a growing trend to look after a building's most important asset – the people in it. This focus on health and well-being as informed by our built environment is expected to grow across the world over the coming years.

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    A NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) rating measures the indoor air quality, lighting quality, temperature and thermal comfort as well as acoustic quality of a building. A NABERS Indoor Environment rating is independent, based on real data and provides a comparison to buildings like yours.  

    A star rating can be used to: 

    • Help you better understand your office
    • Attract good tenants as a building owner or attract and retain staff as a tenant
    • Prove your sustainability credentials

    We offer NABERS Indoor Environment ratings in the following built environments:

    • Office buildings 

    Don’t see your sector here?  If you’d like your sector to be next in line for expansion for a NABERS Indoor Environment rating, click here to register your interest.

    Office buildings

    Productive employees are essential for creating competitive businesses. Healthy people are essential for creating vibrant societies.

    Evidence is mounting that indoor environment quality factors, such as air quality, temperature, lighting and other factors impact on our health, comfort and productivity.

    As Australians spend an increasing amount of time indoors, it’s important that we get these factors right if we want our businesses to remain competitive and our society to remain vibrant into the future. A NABERS Indoor Environment rating is a robust and measurable complement any health and wellbeing initiative.

    • Base building Indoor Environment rating: is designed for building owners and managers, who generally control and maintain the thermal services, air systems and building cleaning services.
    • Tenancy Indoor Environment rating: is for building occupants who control and manage the design and materials used in their office fit-out, lighting and their internal noise levels. Some tenants also have control over indoor air quality as well.
    • Whole building Indoor Environment rating: these are for organisations that both manage and occupy their office space, or in some cases where a single tenant occupies the entirety of a building.

    Offices also have NABERS Energy, Water and Waste ratings available.

    NABERS IE ratings and WELL certification

    NABERS IE ratings can be used as inputs for WELL certification, recertification and annual monitoring to save time and add extra value for your building. Please see the NABERS-WELL V2 Crosswalk document, published by the International WELL Building Institute for more information on how to use your IE rating for WELL certification.