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What is an Assessor?

Who are NABERS Assessors? NABERS Accredited Assessors are a professional team of sustainability consultants, trained and accredited to perform NABERS ratings.

Assessors are accredited by NABERS through the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE), but operate independently and are not employed by DPIE.

Assessors can generate independent revenue through NABERS assessments and can use the NABERS Accredited Assessor logo to promote their services.

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    What do Assessors do?

    Accredited Assessors carry out physical assessments of buildings to collect and then verify the data required to provide a NABERS rating.

    Once the information is collected and the rating is calculated, the Assessor submits it to the NABERS Technical Team who carry out an audit of the information before certifying the building with the final rating. Accredited ratings can only be performed by Accredited Assessors, who collect and verify all the data for a rating according to the NABERS rules or validation protocols.

    Look for the NABERS Accredited Assessor logo. Only NABERS Accredited Assessors are able to use this symbol to promote their services.

    Am I eligible?

    Anyone is eligible to do Assessor training. An ideal candidate will already have formal qualifications, or be skilled in the management and operation of buildings.

    If you have experience in energy efficiency or water efficiency projects, waste management or monitoring of indoor environment quality in buildings, you may also be suited. Visit our Training Page to find out more about the courses to do to become an Accredited Assessor.

    Steps to becoming a NABERS Assessor

    To work as an Accredited Assessor, you must:

    1. Complete an accreditation course of your choice. After passing the required exams, new Assessors need to submit the following documentation in order to become fully accredited:
    2. NABERS Company Agreement.
    3. Current Insurance certificates of currency for Workers’ Compensation, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity as per Clause 10 of the NABERS Company Agreement.
    4. Pay an annual accreditation fee.
    5. Enter into an agreement with DPIE. The Assessor Agreement document below outlines the Accreditation Terms and Conditions.

    As an Assessor, you are also required to abide by a strict Code of Conduct and abide by our Processes and Procedures (listed below). Your employer must also sign a NABERS Company contract with DPIE.