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NABERS Perform platform

NABERS Perform is a cloud platform designed for conducting NABERS ratings fast and efficiently. Funded in partnership with the Commonwealth government, its development began in 2019, following extensive consultation and input from NABERS Assessors and customers.

NABERS Perform is currently available for:  

  • Shopping centres  
  • Residential aged care and retirement living 
  • Hotels 
  • Warehouses and cold stores 
  • Office buildings 
  • Schools
  • Data centres

Benefits for Assessors 

  • The ability to see data from a previous rating, including summary data as well as building characteristics that are unlikely to change much over time. Note: This data is only available once a premise has been rated using Perform. 
  • The capacity to cross-check and compare ratings, streamlining the rating process by making it easier to cross-check current year's rating against previous data and understand discrepancies or identify data that needs further analysis.  
  • Better management of customer data, by adding appropriate customer contacts to the ratings, customers will be able to see useful information to help them manage their buildings 
  • Improved Level 2 audit processes, as all communications take place within Perform, making the audit details and progress clearer and more transparent. All information provided by Assessors in Perform will be considered in determinations so that the Right of Reply is part of the audit process, rather than an additional separate phase. 

Benefits for customers 

NABERS Perform provides quick access to rating data, which means that customers benefit from higher quality ratings, as well as being able to use data to learn and improve future ratings. 

Every major building type will be covered 

NABERS long-term goal is to expand the Perform platform to serve every major building type. In the meantime, the remaining sectors will continue to use their current input platforms. 

Using Perform

Visit this page to sign in to NABERS Perform. 

NABERS is investing in technology to move faster to net zero 

The NABERS Perform platform has been designed to enable NABERS to be more responsive to changing stakeholder needs, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any questions, contact us at nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au