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Office Tenancies

NABERS helps you see how your building measures up against others and identify opportunities to save energy and water, recycle and reduce waste, and improve the indoor environment. Did you know that the energy used by office tenancies can account for around 50% of the total office building’s energy use?

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    About NABERS for Office Tenancies

    Tenancy ratings are available for businesses to rate the space they occupy within their office building. As a tenant, you can choose to have your tenancy rated via a standalone NABERS rating process or through NABERS Co-Assess. More information about both processes can be found below.

    As a tenant, you can use the information provided by a NABERS rating to easily understand the performance of your office space and from here, find opportunities for improvement and save on electricity costs.

    For more information, consult our NABERS for Office Tenancies fact sheet or watch the video below.

    NABERS Energy and Indoor Environment ratings

    NABERS ratings offered for office tenancies are:

    • NABERS Energy
    • NABERS Indoor Environment

    Both tools measure performance versus similar office spaces and gives your tenancy a rating from one to six stars. To tailor the NABERS Energy tool for your tenancy, we look at area of office, hours of occupancy, and number of occupants. The NABERS Indoor Environment rating needs to be done by a NABERS Accredited Assessor, but can often form part of a routine air quality test performed regularly by your building manager. A NABERS Indoor Environment rating is for building occupants who control and manage the design and materials used in their office fit-out, lighting, and their internal noise levels. Some tenants also have control over indoor air quality as well.

    Preparing for your rating

    To prepare for your NABERS rating:

    1. Get ready: Source quotes from a few NABERS Accredited Assessors to understand the scope of work, then present your case to your management team for approval. Also, speak to your building manager to find out if your office space could be included in their next rating using the NABERS Co-assess deal.
    2. Gather your data: Provide all key inputs required for the NABERS rating as per the NABERS rules. Your Assessor will be able to guide you.
    3. Achieve NABERS certification: Organise for your Assessor to conduct a site visit to validate your data and identify areas for improvement.
    4. Improve your rating: Take action to reduce your energy consumption or improve your indoor environment quality during the next 12 months and enjoy the savings and positive impact. Collect data to feed back into your next rating to track your performance.

    As an office tenant, if you are rating as a standalone office tenancy, please refer to the Preparing for an Office Rating Guide below as well as the NABERS Office Tenancies fact sheet.