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NABERS ratings for hotels quantify your hotel building’s energy and water performance. We give your building a rating from one to six stars, based on the energy and water efficiency of common areas, guest rooms, back of house facilities and on-site amenities.

Your NABERS rating can then be used to identify areas for cost savings and building improvements, as well as to promote the environmental credentials of your hotel, helping you to attract greater investment and increase guest loyalty and engagement. Ratings can be promoted either including or excluding green power.

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    Energy and Water ratings

    We rate standard, suite, boutique, conference, gaming/casino, ski and spa hotels, and factor in shared space usage in mixed-use buildings into your rating. When calculating your rating we account for all onsite services and amenities that are unique to your building, including:

    • Car parks
    • Laundries
    • Function and conference rooms
    • Spas and saunas
    • Indoor/outdoor swimming pools
    • Restaurants and cafés
    • Gyms

    We adjust for differences between hotel quality, so it’s always a fair comparison. Additionally, even if your occupancy rates fluctuate throughout the year, our algorithm uses an average over the year, so you’re always being assessed fairly.

    Preparing for your rating

    To prepare for your NABERS rating:

    1. Get ready: Source quotes from a few NABERS Accredited Assessor to understand the scope of work (site hours and consulting hours). Seek internal approval from senior management. Consider setting public sustainability targets to secure approval.
    2. Gather your data: Collect 12 months of historical data on energy and water consumption, and details about the size and features of your building. Your Assessor will be able to guide you.
    3. Achieve NABERS certification: Organise for your Assessor to conduct a site visit to validate your data and identify areas for improvement.
    4. Improve your rating: Take action to reduce your energy and water consumption during the next 12 months and enjoy the savings. Collect data to feed back into your next rating to track your performance.

    For more information about preparing for a hotel rating, please see our NABERS for Hotels fact sheet.

    NABERS Waste Verification Report

    Get access to the NABERS Waste Platform and receive a NABERS Waste Verification Report once a NABERS Accredited Assessor has verified your data. Upload and track your building’s waste data month-to-month using a platform that converts your data into useful management insights.

    You’ll receive the following results in your verification report:

    • Identifying information about the building
    • Total landfill waste: The total weight of all waste going to landfill.
    • Total recycled waste: The total weight of waste avoiding landfill.
    • Validity period for the information
    • Waste Intensity: The total weight of all waste generation for a site compared to the sites allocated metric over a year.
    • A data quality score achieved through a combination of weight-based waste data, audits, bin counts, verification and a reasonableness check.

    The report also includes a Verified waste score, this is a composite metric of the building’s NABERS Verified Recycled Rate (VRR) and the Material Recovery Score (MRS) of each waste stream, as described below. This score can be used to compare between similar buildings, for example a hotel to another hotel.

    • The Verified Recycling Rate (VRR) is the adjusted recycling rate after the assessor has assessed the data quality score it has been applied to recycling rate.
    • The Material Recovery Score (MRS) recognises a building’s contribution to better resource recovery and reduced potential pollution, by rewarding the best feasible recovery of material.

    For more information, consult our NABERS Waste Verification Report fact sheet, or check out our waste site for more information.

    Carbon Neutral Certification

    Carbon Neutral certification is an extension of a NABERS Energy rating. It takes into account how much, or little carbon your hotel is producing. The certification also incorporates carbon offsets or carbon credits purchased with the intention of a building becoming carbon positive.

    Carbon Neutral certification is only available for buildings with current NABERS Energy ratings of 4 stars and above (although buildings with lower star ratings can still get their premises certified by signing a commitment to achieve the minimum 4 stars in the future).

    For more information, consult our Carbon Neutral certification fact sheet.