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NABERS ratings can help quantify the sustainability performance of your hotel building’s operation. Through a NABERS rating, you can assess your hotel building’s energy efficiency, water efficiency and waste management, and be carbon-neutral certified.

A NABERS hotel rating combines 12 months of operational data of your hotel’s guest rooms, on-site amenities and back-of-house facilities, to determine an annual performance figure. NABERS then compares this figure to an industry benchmark to award your hotel building a rating out of six stars.

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    Benefits of a NABERS ratings

    Your NABERS rating can help you save money by identifying areas for cost savings and building improvements. Hotel buildings that have rated with NABERS have seen substantial energy and water savings. For detailed figures please see our NABERS for Hotels fact sheet

    A NABERS rating also lets you promote the environmental credentials of your hotel, helping you attract greater investment and increase guest loyalty and engagement.  

    Other benefits of a NABERS rating include:

    Operational benefits 

    Verify and validate internal tracking – NABERS ratings can provide accurate information on the performance of your hotel building, allowing you to quickly identify areas for targeted improvement.  

    Reduce environmental impact – Sustainability improvements driven by your NABERS rating results will reduce the environmental impact of your hotel building. 

    Compare asset value across your portfolio – A NABERS rating provides a standardised method to compare the performance of multiple hotel building assets in your portfolio helping you identify the most cost-efficient improvements of your assets. 

    Organisational benefits 

    Attract government and corporate bookings – Having a NABERS rating makes your hotel attractive to sustainable procurement by government and corporate bodies. 

    Bridge the information gap – As a NABERS rating is awarded based on your hotel building’s performance against a benchmark, you are able to quickly understand how your hotel building is performing against others. 

    Increase asset value – A NABERS rating is a simple and quick way for purchasers and investors to compare hotel building sustainability credentials. 

    Reputational benefits 

    Become a sustainability leader – Achieving a high NABERS rating makes you a market leader and sets an example for other hotel owners. 

    Market recognition – A NABERS rating is third-party certification of the work you’ve done to make your hotel building more sustainable, making your hotel attractive to customers and investors. 

    Enhance corporate reputation – A NABERS Rating is a simple and trusted way of showing your commitment to improving your hotel building’s sustainability and action to fight climate change. 

    NABERS ratings available for hotel buildings

    Your hotel building can get: 

    Energy efficiency  

    A NABERS Energy rating is a measure of the energy efficiency of your hotel building’s operation, giving you a fair reflection of how you are progressing against your energy-saving commitments. Find out more about NABERS Energy Ratings here.  

    Water efficiency 

    A NABERS Water rating measures the amount of water used and recycled within your hotel building. Find out more about NABERS Water Ratings here.  

    Waste management  

    NABERS Waste tools measure how well buildings manage waste generation, recycling and resource recovery, and supply chain management. NABERS can provide an independent measurement of the recycling and resource recovery performance of your hotel building. Find out more about NABERS Waste Verification Reports here.  

    Carbon Neutral Certification  

    For hotel buildings that achieve a minimum of 3 stars for NABERS Energy, NABERS offers a pathway to achieve Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification. Find out more about Carbon Neutral Certification here.  

    Pricing and offers for hotel ratings

    Cost of getting rated

    The cost of getting a NABERS rating for your hotel building is split into two parts:

    • NABERS lodgement fee - a set fee
    • Assessor's fee - a variable fee, dependent on the complexity of the building and other variables

    Find out more about NABERS rating fees and for current NABERS administration fees go here.

    Discounts and offers 

    From time to time, NABERS provides discounts and offers to building owners to get rated. Find out more about NABERS current discounts and offers.


    Other organisations offer grants that can be used to get a NABERS rating for your hotel building. To find out more contact us on nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au

    How do you get a NABERS rating?

    A NABERS Accredited Assessor is your main contact point for getting a NABERS rating for your hotel building. We recommend getting in touch with several assessors to find one that best fits your organisation’s requirements. Find an assessor near you using our Accredited Assessor search tool

    For more information about NABERS hotel ratings contact us at nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au