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NABERS Renewable Energy Indicator

As more organisations commit to achieving net zero emissions, NABERS is evolving its Energy rating to better recognise and reward the generation and purchase of renewable energy.

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    What is the Renewable Energy Indicator?

    The Renewable Energy Indicator displays the proportion of the building’s energy that comes from on-site renewable energy generated and off-site renewable energy procured. This is to help building owners and tenants be more transparent in their sustainability journey to net-zero carbon buildings. The Renewable Energy Indicator is included and displayed on the NABERS certificate for free with every NABERS Energy rating. 

    What is considered as renewable energy in the Renewable Energy Indicator?

    The Indicator is calculated based on how much of the building’s total energy consumption is renewable energy. The Indicator recognises the following sources of energy as renewable energy: 

    • Renewable electricity from the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target and other State/Territory-based renewable energy targets (for example the retirement of LGCs on behalf of consumers in the ACT).
    • Accredited GreenPower purchases.
    • Off-site renewable energy purchases (through the voluntary surrender of Large-scale Generation Certificates).
    • On-site renewable electricity consumed (unless Large-scale Generation certificates are created and sold).

    It is important to understand that the Renewable Energy Indicator takes into account the electricity, gas and diesel consumption of the building, not just the electricity consumption. For example, a building that runs on 100,000MJ of gas and 100,000MJ of renewable electricity will receive a Renewable Energy Indicator rating of 50%.

    Will there be any change to NABERS Energy ratings?

    The Renewable Energy Indicator will have no impact on NABERS Energy ratings and how they are calculated. It will however impact how GreenPower purchases are displayed, as NABERS Energy with GreenPower rating results will be replaced by the Renewable Energy Indicator result on the NABERS Energy rating certificates. For a transition period of 2 years, the NABERS Energy with GreenPower result will continue to be calculated and provided in the rating report. After this, the NABERS Energy with GreenPower result will no longer be calculated or provided in the rating report.

    How can I find out more?

    NABERS has released several resources to help building owners and NABERS Assessors prepare for the Renewable Energy Indicator:

    If you have any questions on the Renewable Energy Indicator, please get in touch with NABERS via email nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au.