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Using NABERS Energy Performance Indicator to help improve your building's energy efficiency.

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    The NABERS Energy Performance Indicator is a simplified energy rating tool for smaller sectors that do not currently have a standalone NABERS Energy rating tool. It provides a verified measure of energy and emissions intensity, helping buildings track performance, reduce emissions and cut costs over time. The main parameters considered are building type, building area, and energy usage.  

    The NABERS Energy Performance Indicator provides a verified measure of energy and emissions intensity using energy usage and floor area. Each rating also includes a Renewable Energy Indicator score, displaying the proportion of the building’s energy that comes from on and off-site renewable energy sources.

    After assessment, the rating can be used to help identify cost savings by tracking energy intensity and emissions over time, as well as to promote a building’s environmental credentials.  Where sufficient sector data is available, an Energy Performance Indicator rating can also be used for comparison of a building’s energy performance against sector averages.

    Find out more on the NABERS Energy Performance Indicator webpage.

    Types of buildings covered

    Buildings eligible for the NABERS Energy Performance Indicator include, but are not limited to:

    • Retail (not covered by NABERS Retail Stores tool), food & beverage services. 
    • Entertainment, recreation & sports facilities. 
    • Public buildings & transport buildings.
    • Manufacturing & storage facilities. 
    • Childcare centres, accommodation services (not covered by NABERS Hotel tool) and more.

    A full list of eligible sectors is in the NABERS Energy Performance Indicator Rules.

    If your building type is eligible for a NABERS Energy rating, you cannot use the NABERS Energy Performance Indicator.

    Preparing for your rating

    To prepare for your NABERS rating:

    1. Get ready: Source quotes from a few NABERS Accredited Assessors to understand the scope of work, then obtain sign-off on a NABERS rating and engage a NABERS Assessor. 
    2. Gather your data: Collect 12 months of historical data on energy consumption, and details about the size and features of your building. Your Assessor will advise you on what you need to provide.
    3. Achieve NABERS certification: Organise access for your Assessor to conduct a site visit to validate your information.
    4. Improve your rating: Take action to reduce your energy consumption during the next 12 months and enjoy the savings. Get annual ratings so that you can track improved performance.

    For more information, consult our NABERS Energy Performance Indicator fact sheet.