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Compliance and Quality Assurance

Ensuring the integrity, transparency and accountability of the NABERS Program is our top priority. 

We ensure this through:

  • A rigorous training and accreditation program for Assessors
  • Strict rating and assessment rules, and criteria
  • An Auditing Program (Level 1 and Level 2 audits)

About NABERS Auditing Program

Once an Accredited Assessor has submitted the rating for your premises, our technical officers or independent parties will perform a Level 1 and Level 2 (if selected) audit on the submitted rating. 

Level 1 

A Level 1 audit is conducted in 100% of NABERS rating applications. Our technical team carry out these audits to ensure NABERS Assessors have correctly applied the rules, and not made any data-entry errors.

It takes our team an average of 6 working days to complete a Level 1 audit.

Level 2 

A Level 2 Audit is conducted in 5% of all NABERS submitted ratings as well as 5% of ratings used to obtain a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) under the Commercial Building Disclosure. All Level 2 audits are carried out by external auditors.

The Level 2 audit process involves re-rating the premises, using documentation provided by the Assessor who conducted the original rating. From time to time, this can lead to a NABERS rating being revised or withdrawn. Assessors can also receive sanctions for unsatisfactory performance as identified through this process.

How we select ratings for Level 2 audits

To guarantee a fair, transparent and accountable approach to auditing, most Level 2 audits are randomly selected at the time of certification.

However, we can also select ratings based on identified or suspected risk.

Level 2 Audits: What to expect

The time taken to complete a Level 2 audit can vary because of several factors including:

  • Type and level of complexity of the original rating
  • Quality and completeness of the documentation provided for audit
  • The Assessors level of cooperation with the external auditors during different stages of the audit process.

However, the average timeframe for a Level 2 audit to be completed is 3 months.

Need more information on Level 2 audits?

Please read the NABERS Rating Auditing Procedure below for more details about the procedure.

Rating information