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NABERS UK Frequently Asked Questions

BRE Academy learners 

I have purchased but not yet completed my NABERS UK assessor training course with BRE. Can I continue to access the course? 
Yes. Learners who have enrolled in the NABERS UK Assessor training course with BRE will have until 26 October 2023 to complete the course and examination. Trainees who haven’t completed the course by this date will be transferred to the course on the NABERS Learn platform. From the 30th Oct 2023, any new trainees wishing to enrol on the course will be able to do so via the NABERS Learn Platform. 

I have qualified as a NABERS UK Assessor but have not taken out an Assessor licence. Is my qualification still valid? 
Once you have completed your training and passed all examinations you are eligible to apply for a NABERS UK Assessor licence within one year of successfully passing the examinations. Candidates who do not apply for a licence within this time period will need to retake the course to regain eligibility for licensing.  


I’m a licensed NABERS UK Assessor. What happens to my licence? 
There is no immediate impact on NABERS UK Assessor licences. We will be in contact to advise next steps once a new administrator is in place.

I have not yet completed the Whole Building and Tenancy (WBT) training revisions. Will this still be available free of charge? 
Yes. The deadline to complete the revised training course for current NABERS UK Assessors was extended until 26th October 2023. After this date, you will be able to access the course at no cost via the NABERS Learn Platform until 31st March 2024; however, this will mean that you will be required to take the entire course again, including the Base Building components. 
Please note that to ensure the validity of your Assessor licence you are required to be upskilled in WBT by 31 March 2024. 

Energy for Offices clients

My building is currently going through a NABERS UK Energy for Offices rating. Can I still submit for certification? 
Yes, any Energy for Offices ratings can be submitted to BRE in the usual manner. We will advise you if the process changes.

My building has received a NABERS UK Energy for Offices rating. Can I still promote my building as NABERS UK certified? 
Yes, your rating remains current until the end of the validity period. BRE and NABERS UK participants can still make use of the NABERS UK logo and trademark even after BRE ceases to be Scheme Administrator in the UK.

Design for Performance (DfP) clients 

My building has received a DfP Design Reviewed target rating. Can I still promote my building? 
Yes, your target rating remains valid until you receive your first actual rating. BRE and NABERS UK users can still make use of the NABERS UK logo and trademark, in accordance with the Design for Performance brand guidelines, even after BRE ceases to be Scheme Administrator in the UK. 

I have registered for a Design for Performance rating and have not completed the Independent Design Review (IDR) process. What do I do next? 
Any Independent Design Reviews in progress should continue as normal and be submitted to BRE once the design-reviewed target rating has been confirmed by your IDR panellist. We will advise you if this process changes.