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ARBS Scholarships for sole traders

News | 30 Aug 2020

This year, NABERS has worked hard to ensure that Australia’s sustainability professionals can continue upskilling despite the economic conditions. One of the ways in which we have done that is through a partnership with the ARBS Foundation.

The ARBS Foundation offered eight grants for eligible sole traders to receive subsidies of $1,188 to enrol in NABERS Assessor 101 and $1,352 to enrol in Energy & Water for Offices. These subsidies were equivalent to 80% of the course fees. We’re pleased to say that all eight grants were awarded within a month, demonstrating that NABERS training is in high demand.

Our world class intuitive training platform is the stepping-stone for trainees to learn what resources are at hand to help them collect building data, what to look for, how to compare their building’s performance to their peers, and how to use our rating software. We're thrilled to have the eight sole traders join us in driving emission reductions down across Australia!

- Astrid Neve, NABERS Training Manager

Trainees that successfully complete the NABERS Assessor 101 and Energy & Water for Offices courses and exams leave ready to do their first NABERS rating. They know what resources are available to help them collect building data, how to compare their building’s performance to their peers, and how to use the NABERS rating software.

Once our new Assessors are out in the field, many decide to offer a NABERS rating alongside tailored energy and water efficiency reviews. Often, Assessors expand their NABERS accreditation to waste, carbon neutral or indoor environment quality ratings. Having this knowledge under their belt allows them to engage with their clients on a broad range of building operations.

Being at the coalface of the building’s operation, NABERS Assessors are the best placed to suggest areas of improvement to their clients - helping them save money and reduce emissions.

Find out more about our training programs here: https://www.nabers.gov.au/training