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Draft NABERS 5-year Strategic Plan open for consultation

News | 07 Nov 2023

The NABERS 5-year Strategic Plan has developed in consultation with the NABERS National Steering Committee and key stakeholders. We would like to hear your thoughts on our draft Vision, Mission and goals.

The plan includes an overarching Vision and Mission. Both reflect our ambition to scale up the role of NABERS in driving sustainable change to a larger part of the Australian economy. 

Our Vision:

We all live, work and play in a world where people and the planet are in balance supported by sustainable buildings.  

Our Mission:

Our team collaborates with others to enable the design, construction and operation of more sustainable buildings. Our valued information accelerates urgent environmental change.

The plan also includes three goals that will guide our decision making and work plans. These goals have been designed to work together, to achieve maximum impact and alignment with the Vision and Mission. 


All sectors and rating types improve their NABERS performance over time. 


Triple the number of NABERS ratings  by driving uptake of existing tools and expanding to new sectors. 


Evolve and continuously improve NABERS. 

Each goal includes a series of enablers to help articulate how NABERS will achieve the goals.