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Grants available to sole traders to join our community of Assessors

News | 15 Jul 2020

ARBS Foundation is committed to help build a vibrant, productive and rewarding air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

They do this by awarding a range of scholarships and financial assistance to individuals so they can further their education in the industry, together with allocation of grants for deserving research studies.

ARBS Foundation is delighted this year to offer 8 grants for eligible sole traders to receive subsidies of $1,188 to enrol in NABERS Assessor 101 and $1,352 to enrol in Energy & Water for Offices.These subsidies are equivalent to 80% of the course fees.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning plays a vital role in providing comfortable indoor conditions with regards to the built environment. HVAC is also a major contributor towards the operational energy of buildings. Rating of buildings from an energy perspective has been a great initiative by NABERS through its various programs.

During their training, NABERS Assessors gain valuable knowledge on the overall energy assessment process but at the same time learn how to improve and achieve a higher rating. Many Assessors, especially sole traders, often become advisors to designers of new buildings as well as to facility managers of existing buildings on how to obtain higher ratings. This inevitably leads to promotion of better HVAC and lighting systems in new and existing buildings. With this as background, ARBS Foundation is offering grants to sole traders, who generally lack financial support, to become Accredited Assessors.

To review the full terms and conditions and apply, please go to https://arbsfoundation.com.au and follow the links.