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Introducing NABERS Perform – new technology for conducting NABERS ratings

News | 12 Apr 2021

As a first step towards unifying all NABERS input platforms, we have launched NABERS Perform, a new human-centred cloud platform for conducting NABERS ratings faster and more efficiently.

Available now for shopping centres

First available for shopping centre ratings, the platform improves the user experience and makes data easier to access. It is a significant upgrade from current platforms such as Rate and Members which it will replace entirely over time. Backed by extensive research with assessors, NABERS Perform is easy to use, reducing the amount of manual work conducted by NABERS Assessors and enabling them to complete ratings in less time.

Through NABERS Perform, assessors working with shopping centre ratings will be able to:

  • easily compare with last rating data to detect inconsistencies and improve quality of the ratings
  • check and correct errors quickly and easily with real-time data validations
  • copy and paste straight from Excel 

The easy access to rating data means customers will benefit from even higher quality ratings, and this data can help the industry to learn and adapt for future improvements. The platform will unite existing platforms and internal processes, helping NABERS scale to more sectors.

Every major building type will be covered

NABERS Perform will first be available for shopping centre ratings, with the long-term goal to expand the platform to serve every major building type.

The residential aged care and retirement living sectors became part of the NABERS Accelerate program in 2020. Ratings for this new sector will be available in NABERS Perform inmid-2021.

Office buildings will be the next priority sector on the platform in mid-2022, followed by six new priority building sectors where NABERS ratings are in development. In the meantime, sectors other than shopping centres will continue to use their current input platforms.

We’re so excited to share NABERS Perform with our community. We’ve been working with our assessors and customers to bring this to life for two years and have been encouraged by your positive feedback during the testing phase. Our vision is that that we all live, work, and play in sustainable places, and the role of the NABERS community is to accelerate the path towards that future. To achieve this, we need the technology platforms we give our users to match the high quality of our ratings, to be easy to use, scalable and to integrate with a world connected by software. NABERS Perform is our answer to that, and we're delighted to bring its first phase to the community.
Carlos Flores, Director, NABERS

NABERS is investing in technology to move faster to net zero

The NABERS Perform platform marks one of the most radical improvements to NABERS since the program began, recognising the role technology will play in the transition to net zero. Funded in partnership with the Commonwealth government, its development began in 2019, following extensive consultation and input from NABERS Assessors and customers with large-scale ongoing development planned. Here’s what some of our assessors who have tested the platform have said about the new NABERS Perform platform.

  • “I like seeing the comparison with last year… When we report to the client, this is where we spend a lot of time.”
  • “The fact that you can pre-fill from last year is good because the electricity meters don’t change much, and it helps me cross-check with the history of the building.”
  • “You have addressed the key things that needed to change. You’re saving me from 15 mins to a couple of hours for each rating.”
  • “You really listened to everyone’s feedback and you built this with assessors’ input, and it’s designed to save time. It’s more flexible and intuitive.”

NABERS has invested heavily in technology to provide the best possible service to our stakeholders. Some of the planned technology transformation includes uniting existing systems into a single cloud platform to make buildings and portfolio data easy to find, interpret and export for inclusion in sustainability benchmarks.

Work is just getting started to make rating data and calculations available to users outside NABERS, as well as making internal NABERS process enhancements. We will also further explore the potential of automated data collection to simplify the rating process.

The NABERS Perform platform has been designed to enable NABERS to be more responsive to changing user needs, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any questions, contact us at nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au