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NABERS + CBD Conference 2022: Stay ahead of the sustainability curve

News | 15 Jun 2022

Amidst the many challenges we faced over since the pandemic, came an unprecedented opportunity to work together to push for more sustainable buildings as a pathway towards a green recovery.

The NABERS and CBD conference took place on 8 June 2022, under the theme of “United in Action”.

Attracting over 1,600 registrants from across Australia and overseas, this year’s event was our biggest one yet – a promising indication of the growing recognition of the collective need to accelerate action on sustainability in buildings.

Highlights of the conference

  • We looked at the benefits of ratings and disclosure and the soon-to-be-released 2022 Commercial Buildings Baseline Study
  • As sustainability initiatives continue to transform investment instruments, we discovered how to unlock green investments and explored their potential impact on business and the industry
  • We heard about expanding into new sectors, now and in the future, that are able to measure and manage their sustainability progress with NABERS' continued rollout with energetic and ambitious sector partners
  • Discussions were held around the role of energy efficiency in achieving net-zero, the NABERS renewable energy indicator and embodied emissions
  • We took a look at how local government councils are facilitating more sustainable buildings as we build right the first time for a better future

The event was MC’d by TV presenter Craig Reucassel, host of the hit ABC show ‘War on Waste’.

Watch the conference opening video

All sessions are now available to watch online, simply visit our YouTube channel playlist or click the link below.

Looking ahead

We know that buildings can reach net-zero emissions much faster and much more cost-effectively than most other sectors.  To meet the growing need for climate action buildings need to move away from siloed, IP-focused structures towards more collaborative and holistic approaches. NABERS is ready to support your organisation to meet your sustainability goals.

We hope you will feel inspired by our speakers and sessions, and we look forward to working with you on accelerating the sustainable transition of Australia's built environment.