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NABERS FY20 Annual Report shows record year for ratings and impact

News | 13 Oct 2020

We’ve had another record year with more support for customers than ever before. A bumper year saw expansion into new sectors announced, partnerships and tool integrations, an increased focus on the customer and a 1000 plus strong biennial conference to wrap it all up.

Click here to read more about the NABERS FY20 results.

Despite the impacts of the pandemic in the fourth quarter, there was an increase in the number of NABERS ratings into FY21. We conducted 4,082 NABERS ratings, up 18% on last year’s numbers.

Some key achievements

  • Good news for the climate - Carbon intensity is down across offices, shopping centres and hotels and the number of Carbon Neutral ratings has more than doubled
  • People are focusing on waste management - the number of NABERS Waste ratings more than doubled
  • Australia’s office buildings are getting healthier - NABERS Indoor Environment ratings grew by 16% and has the highest ever average star rating at 4.8 stars
  • Companies are becoming more transparent with their ratings - Our Sustainable Portfolios Index participation grew by 48%

This is evidence that measuring and managing provides great environmental returns. More NABERS customers are taking bold steps towards carbon neutrality, waste management and extending into the wellbeing space of their buildings. We also welcomed a significant number of first-time raters, with 15% of all ratings coming from buildings that had never rated before.

NABERS Annual Report highlights 2020

NABERS Annual Report highlights 2020_2

In previous years the focus for the annual report has been on the growth in the number of ratings in a specific sector or the uptake of a new tool. This year saw several major announcements setting NABERS up for the future.


  • announced new sector expansion under the NABERS Accelerate program
  • had a world leading COVID response with free ratings, and Assessor accreditation
  • hosted a highly successful online conference with over 1000 attendees
  • launched a new NABERS method for the NSW Energy Saving Scheme
  • announced a crosswalk with WELL
  • created a new and improved learning management system for NABERS Learn
  • decided on the future of NABERS Energy

Sustainability will be key for organisations to bounce back after the pandemic. We are energised by our many partnerships both in Australia and internationally. We look forward to another year of working closely with all of you towards a built environment that is better for us and better for the planet.