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NABERS FY21 Annual Report sees expansion, tool launches and the future of NABERS Energy

News | 19 Oct 2021

It’s been another standout year for NABERS and NABERS customers. Despite a difficult year, more customers have put their sustainability commitment at the forefront of their plans. NABERS has also expanded to rate more buildings than ever before, put customers first with the release of a new cloud-based platform and delivered an update to the emission factors to account for a greening grid.

iIage of Perth CBD, Western Australia

With a pandemic and lockdowns in Australia, customers were keen to step up their sustainability commitments leading to an increase in the number of NABERS ratings into FY22. We conducted 4,315 NABERS ratings, up 11% on last year’s numbers.

Thanks to a blanket fee waiver in partnership with the Commonwealth Government, we were able to support Assessors and their customers to conduct more NABERS ratings than ever before and bolster customers' dedication to the journey to net zero.

Annual report infographic

Some highlights from FY21 include:

  • Launch of NABERS Energy and Water ratings into residential aged care and retirement living sectors.

  • Announcement of  NABERS expansion to warehouses and cold stores, expected to launch in 2022.

  • Launch of NABERS Energy for Offices, and Design for Performance (the equivalent to a Commitment Agreement) in the UK.

  • Release of the third NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Index (SPI), which showcases the proven environmental performance of the top 43 building portfolios and funds across the country.

  • Launch of NABERS Perform in April 2021, a new human-centred cloud platform for conducting NABERS ratings faster and more efficiently.

  • Updated emissions factors, known as National Greenhouse Accounts (NGA) factors used to calculate NABERS Energy ratings for all building types in July 2021 to account for renewable energy in the grid. We announced the development of a renewable energy indicator designed to reward a building’s procurement of renewable energy. 

Annual report infographic Annual report infographic

A challenging year with the pandemic has been a success for sustainability. With more ratings, more incentives, more training, and more appetite than ever before.

Find out more on the FY21 Annual Report major achievements here.