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NABERS releases Strategic Plan

News | 18 Apr 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of our five-year strategic plan following a successful consultation period and endorsement by the NABERS Steering Committee.

The plan includes an overarching vision and mission. Both reflect our ambition to scale up the role of NABERS in driving sustainable change to a larger part of the Australian economy.

Vision: We all live, work and play in a sustainable place.

Mission: All Australian buildings are healthy, comfortable and have zero environmental impact.

Our stakeholders are highly supportive of this plan. During the consultation 96% of survey respondents completely supported or mostly supported the vision. Whilst 94% completely supported or mostly supported the mission.

The plan also includes two goals that will guide our decision making and work plans:

Goal 1: Every major building type can be rated by NABERS.

Goal 2: Double the number of NABERS ratings* by driving uptake and improving our existing tools (*compared to 2017-18 figures).

Each goal includes prioritised work areas, including maximising our partnerships, investing in technology and building the capacity of NABERS Assessors. We are also developing an implementation plan which will outline the projects, targets and resources needed by the team to execute the plan.

The NABERS strategic plan was developed over a 15-month period in consultation with the NABERS Steering Committee and stakeholders.