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NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Index - Be a part of Australia's first property sustainability index

News | 15 Nov 2019

Don't miss your chance to be included in the 2019 Sustainable Portfolios Report. Email nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au before 15 December 2019.

NABERS is now offering a premium service for portfolios wanting to understand how their overall performance compares to their competitors - the NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Report. It has fast become Australia's most crucial benchmarking tool for property companies in Australia.

To calculate the average star rating of each building in a portfolio, we analyse the overall portfolio star rating (with and without GreenPower) together with the percentage of portfolio which is NABERS rated. Using this methodology ensures a fair comparison between portfolios, whether a portfolio has two assets or 20 assets. The Report is open to all portfolios with NABERS Energy or Water Ratings for Offices and Shopping Centres, and NABERS Waste and Indoor Environment for Offices. As few as two NABERS rating across the portfolio in the same asset class is sufficient for inclusion.

In the next Report, companies and investors will have access to new features such as Indoor Environment and Waste Portfolio Ratings and improvement tracking.

We are providing this service because we want to give celebrate Australia's most sustainable property companies and empower investors to choose the most sustainable portfolios. This is increasingly important as many companies move towards their net zero targets.

Leading building portfolios use NABERS ratings as part of their sustainability strategies to measure and enable continuous improvements in energy and water efficiency, materials recovery and indoor environment. Currently, portfolios can participate free of charge. Don't miss your chance to be included - email Nichola.Nicholson@environment.nsw.gov.au before 15 December 2019.

The NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Report will be released on 1 April, 2020.