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New video series to help new customers get STARted with NABERS

News | 29 Sep 2023
Since 1998, NABERS has helped customers reduce their energy use by an average of 30-40% over a 10-year period, with customers saving thousands of dollars in the process. 

But with so much information available it can be hard to know how to get started on the measurement journey. To help educate new customers interested in learning about building sustainability, NABERS has developed a new video series, ‘Getting STARted with NABERS’, which is designed to deliver practical information in bite-sized pieces.  

“We know that many building owners would like to do more to improve their energy efficiency but don’t always know what first steps to take,” said Zoe Baker, Sector Lead at NABERS. 

“We often hear from customers that it can seem daunting when starting out, so we wanted to create resources to support these customers and break down some of our most frequently asked questions into short and easy to digest videos.” 

Each short video includes insights from NABERS experts as well as case studies from both private and public companies sharing their experiences. 

To make the process as easy as possible for new customers to get a NABERS ratings, buildings in NSW can also access up to $4,500 in funding through the Energy and Water Starters offer. Applications are open until 1 December 2023.  

“Whether you’re from an office building, apartment building, hotel or many other types of building, my advice to anyone who is thinking about getting their first NABERS rating is to start by watching the Getting STARted with NABERS videos. These cover a wealth of information in a very short time, and includes advice from others who have progressed on their sustainability journey. From there, reach out to us by emailing nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au so we can help you understand the next steps, and understand costs as well as any offers or grants you could be eligible for,” said Zoe. 

You can view the full suite of videos on the NABERS YouTube channel, or keep an eye out for the videos on our LinkedIn page.  

Find more information on how to get started with NABERS here or contact us with any questions.