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New webinar series from NABERS helps governments close the performance gap

15 Aug 2023

The built environment contributes significantly to Australia’s carbon emissions. This is exacerbated by a performance gap, in which buildings often use at least 25% more energy in operation than planned in the design phase. If we are to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, we must ensure that buildings comply with the performance standards they are designed to deliver, from minimum standards in the National Construction Code (NCC), to higher benchmarks such as NABERS and Green Star. 

To support governments in learning strategies to close the performance gap, NABERS and the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) will be hosting a series of four webinars, ‘Closing the performance gap’.

Closing the performance gap – towards net zero webinar series

This webinar unpacks what the performance gap is and why it’s an issue. 

 Learn about the scale and impact of the difference between theoretical energy use in the design stage and actual energy use after a building is complete, and what councils can do to close the loop and see better-performing buildings in their LGAs.  

Thursday 7 September 1:00pm AEST

Watch the recording here

There are practical ways that councils can tackle the performance gap in new and renovated buildings, including by using sustainability rating systems in policy and planning. But, the devil is in the detail! Learn about the benefits of using ratings and how to do it well - with the right wording that closes loopholes and provides councils with critical insights. 

Thursday 21 September 1:00pm AEST

Watch the recording here 

Learn about how the new Sustainable Buildings SEPP uses NABERS to verify compliance with NCC requirements after a period of standard operation - and why this matters.  

There are a range of benefits to this approach, and multiple ways councils can use it to gain better insights for policy and net-zero strategy.  

Also learn how to talk about sustainability and more stringent rating tools with proponents early on, to achieve the strongest outcomes.  

Thursday 5 October 1:00pm AEST

Watch the recording here

Learn about the differences between NABERS, Green Star and other rating tools and how these tools work together for optimal results. You’ll also learn how to decide when to reference a rating tool, choose an appropriate target and word a clause that gets the results you’re after. Learn some neat tricks to target specific outcomes for a development and how to see (and interpret) results and ask all your burning questions to get started and influence better performing buildings.  

Thursday 19 October 1:00pm AEST

Watch the recording here