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Shaping the future of NABERS Indoor Environment

News | 15 Jul 2020

The NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) tool enables building managers and owners to measure the indoor environment quality of a space by considering air quality, acoustics, lighting and thermal comfort.

The value of the indoor environment tool was evident even before COVID-19, as illustrated by its 20% growth jump from the previous year. The tool now covers 3.5 million sqm of space nationally.

This surge demonstrates that the industry is recognising and realising the benefits that come with understanding and considering the impact of the indoor environment on occupants. These benefits include health and wellbeing outcomes associated with comfortable and clean offices, which have increasingly become a priority of tenants in the workplace. With free NABERS IE ratings for smaller offices (less than 1,000 sqm) until June 2021, plus the increased focus on hygiene, and clean air provision, this trend is only set to increase.

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement and excellence, NABERS will be undertaking a review of the IE tool over the next twelve months.

The Indoor Environment rating has delivered substantial value to businesses and building owners through increased occupant comfort. But the world keeps changing. NABERS is looking to expand on that value by targeting enhancements that will continue to build on the success of the tool for users

- Monique Alfris, Head of Operations and Standards at NABERS

NABERS is currently scoping the full program of works for this project and welcomes an open dialogue with all stakeholders on any suggested improvements or experiences you may have had with the tool to date.

If you would like to provide your feedback or get involved with this project, contact us at nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au